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This year during Republic Day celebrations, many online shopping sites gave some discount on their different products. This time also I chose Amazon because I had a good experience earlier shopping from Amazon. I have ordered few things, like my husband’s deodorants, my moisturizer, body lotion etc. I got good amount of discount on all the products I ordered. Here are the list -

Lotus Herbals Alphamoist  Alpha Hydroxy Shin Renewal oil Free Moisturize, 80 ml, the original  price was Rs.225, but I got it from Amazon at Rs.156. I saved about Rs.69. I think it’s quite good.

My current body care product is Nivea Body lotion. The original prize of this product was Rs. 330 for 400 ml. After Amazon discount I got it at Rs 266. Here I saved Rs.64.

I have also ordered two deodorants. One is Park Avenue Voyage Body deodorant which was of Rs.234 but I got this at Rs.172. Another one is Engage Man deodorant Rush,165 ml, the original prize was Rs.180, but I got it at Rs.133. Here also I saved Rs.47.

Last but not the list I had ordered a Vega Premium Eye Lash Curler which had no discount offer. 

Overall I think I made a very good decision on shopping online from Amazon. What do you guys think ? Is it worth it?

Discount Shopping from Amazon Discount Shopping from Amazon Reviewed by Anamika Debnath on 9:46 PM Rating: 5

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