Gifts Ideas for Festival in India // Online Shopping

Gifts Ideas for Festival in India // Online Shopping

India is a country of the festival and gift is an integral part of the festival. Nowadays we don’t have that much of time and energy to buy gifts from market or shopping mall. Instead, a better idea is to purchase the gifts online. There are many online websites from where anyone can purchase a gift and at the same time, these sites are providing great discount also. We will discuss some unique online shopping ideas apart from traditional gifts like dresses & shoes etc. for upcoming festival seasons.

1. Gift vouchers/cards:

If you are confused about the gifts let’s play safe. Just purchase a gift card which is available at most of the online shopping sites and gift it to your relative. He /she could utilize that card according to his/her choice.

2. Jewellery with some different taste - Terracotta jewellery:

This is a unique idea. You can purchase a different type of terracotta jewellery from the online shopping site. This is not only unique but also adds a glittering image whenever someone will wear this with some matching dress.

3. Indoor plants:

Go green and be environment-friendly. Gift your dear one a 5 years old green “S” shaped Bonsai or, a beautiful money plant or simply a bamboo plant. There are many websites from which you can order indoor plants and you can find many options here like Orchid plants, flower plants, Bonsai etc. So, indoor plants are the perfect gift option for any time and any occasions.

4. Unique colourful Lamps and Lanterns:

If you want to gift colourful things for the festival of lights like Diwali then the best option to go for is different types of colourful Lamps and lanterns. This will add a festive look if decorated during Diwali.

5.Vintage gift:

If your relative is a vintage lover then go for this type of gift. There are a lot of vintage type gifts which can make the gift a memorable one. For example here is a snap of a vintage brass and wooden wall clock which can add brilliance to the wall. 

6. Quirky gift:

This will be for those people who always think out of the box. There are many shopping sites from where you can purchase different types of quirky home decor gifts which can add a cute smile on the face of your relative.

7. Gift a Camera to your relative who is fond of photography:

This is a sensible idea to gift someone according to his/her hobby. If you have a relative who is love with photography then this is the time to gift him /her a good quality camera. You can find many attractive deals on various online shopping site for this. 

8. Gift for pets:

If your relative has a pet then this is a good idea to present a gift for the pet. Pets also deserve a gift. There is numerous website from where you can order something for the pet. This is a unique gifting idea which shows that you care & love for the pet also.

9. Organic or herbal green tea gift:

You can also gift a packet of green tea or herbal tea to your relative who is very conscious about health. Green tea is also very effective for vigour. You can easily order this through different online shopping sites. This is also a decent and healthy gifting idea for your relative. 

10. Chocolate gift:

Chocolates can never be replaced by any other gifting idea. This is an old but still very effective and choice for everybody gift. You can purchase special chocolate gift sets online and celebrate the enjoying taste in your mouth with each and every bite. You can always gift your relative a box of chocolate. 

These are some ideas for purchasing a gift through online. So start searching and go for unique gifting ideas for this festive season.

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