L'Oreal Nutri Gloss Mirror Shine Shampoo Review

Just last week, I finished a bottle of L'oreal Nutri Gloss Mirror Shine Shampoo. I didn’t have plan of trying this shampoo but one of my friend suggest me for this shampoo.This is my first L’Oreal shampoo.  

What the Product Claims:

Dull hair? Bring back the power shine to your hair with the Nutrigloss range which would:
  1. Shine enhancer
  2. Protein + pearl formula
  3. Boosts mirror shine on hair
  4. Nourishes and smoothens hair
  5. Soft, cashmere touch
  6. For normal to dull hair
  7. It provides hair fibre with balanced nourishment, without weighing it down
  8. It acts as a shine concentrate on your hair, giving it a high gloss finish
Application :

Use of the product leads to a clean , fresh fragrance that lasts all day. The shampoo instantly 
help smooth the micro splits of the hair cuticle and illuminates hair strand.

Size:    175 ml
Price:  INR 135 
Shelf Life : 36 months from the date of manufacture 
Key ingredients :

 My Experience with L'oreal Nutri Gloss Mirror Shine Shampoo

This product comes in a attractive pink plastic bottle with the flip cap. The important details printed on the bottle are highlighted in red. 
Consistency and Fragrance:
The shampoo is midway in its consistency, neither thin nor thick. The right amount of liquid easy enough for handling. 
The fragrance is good. The smell of the shampoo stays on for some more time even after rinsing it off. 
The shampoo removes extra oil of my scalp and dirt well , the hair feels smoother in texture, fresh, clean and soft too. After using this shampoo my hair looks little shiner. It lifts up my dull and fizzy hair with natural shine. I skip my conditioner whenever I use this shampoo, it conditions hair well. 
Overall, this is a good shampoo. Me and My husband love this Mirror Shine Shampoo. 
I Like that 
  1. Attractive packaging
  2. Lovely fragrance
  3. Texture of the hair is lot smoother
  4. Controls frizz to some extent
  5. Cleanses the scalp and hair well
  6. Gives serious shine to hair
  7. Makes hair shiny and soft
  8. Leaves hair clean, and healthy looking
  9. Affordable
  10. Widely available.

I don't like that

Has a lot of chemicals otherwise I didn’t find anything wrong with this shampoo

Do I Recommend?
Yes,  A good shampoo to try that has no side effects.
Would I Repurchase?
Yes, I want to repurchase this product. But before that I want to use another shampoo of L'Oreal.
                               BALM Rating : 3.9/5