9 benefits of eating coriander

Benefits of coriander

Coriander for eyes

The anti-inflammatory property present in the coriander cares the eyes in a very smooth way. It helps to reduce the redness, inflammation present in the eyes and decreases the itchiness.

Skin care

The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of coriander benefits the skin in various ways. Mix coriander puree with turmeric paste and apply over the face. This pack reduces acne and gives protection from dryness, eczema and other fungal, bacterial infections.

Reduces ulcers

To sort out the sores and mouth ulcers, boil the coriander in water and gargle it for two times a day for atleast ten days to identify change.

Lip care

If you have dark and dry lips, then this tip is utterly for you. Grind the coriander and extract the juice from it, add few drops of lemon and apply to lips, don’t rinse off at the same time but leave for whole night. A regular practice makes your lips pink.


The antioxidants present in the coriander prevents the parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer problems that come through ageing. They also prevents the risk of heart diseases..

Diabetics care

Coriander itself is having the anti-diabetic properties and they reduce the blood sugar levels and lowers the bad cholesterol levels, on the other hand increases the good cholesterol. So, drink coriander water daily.

Treats water borne and food borne diseases

Food borne diseases and water borne diseases are most common, regular intake of coriander that is enriched with anti-bacterial properties can treat some of those diseases like typhoid, cholera, dysentery and food poisoning.

Liver health

Coriander is also contains of vitamin K, potassium and calcium. and promotes the proper liver functioning, prevents seizure and cancer.

Decreases fat

Eating fresh coriander reduces the body fats and helps to reduce weight.

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