Castor Oil For Hair

Castor oil is very popular as a natural therapy and it is said to have many valuable benefits as well as medicinal properties, which make it very effective for healing the body. It’s an excellent material for having beautiful youthful skin and healthy hair and can safely be used for the purpose without any fear of side effects. 


This wonderful
oil is also useful for your hair.  Its application on hair tips will
eliminate dryness of hair and reduce hair with split ends. Further, it
strengthens hair and thus prevents their breaking easily and stops split hair
from appearing. 

It helps
moisturize the scalp by penetrating deeper to give you shining and silky-smooth
hair. With the growth of hair and trimming of damaged ends, you’ll find that
the growth of split hair is considerably reduced and disappears finally.

Stronger Hair with Castor Oil

Add one spoon of castor oil. One teaspoon of power coffee and
one spoon of vitamin E to 
your usual shampoo. Mix well and wash your hair as normal with
this mixture. Be careful with
 the eyes.

Oil for Hair Regrowth

Although most
doctors agree that castor oil for hair growth is a myth, many people are using
it with some degree of success. It is said that this oil can aid regrow hair
because it helps to accelerate keratin production. Jamaican black castor oil is
the preferred choice for this purpose and it is also used to obtain shiny,
smooth and bouncy hair.

To enhance the benefits of castor oil and
moisturize your hair try leaving it for few hours, overnight if
possible. Wet the hair using warm water and then apply the oil insisting on the scalp
and ends. Cover your hair with a disposable shower cap or cling film first and
then with foil paper. Heat a towel and wrap it around the head. The
intention is to heat the hair so
the oil penetrates deeper. Leave for as long
as you wish then wash thoroughly, condition and rinse with warm water.

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