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Use Indian Gooseberry’s Wonder for Hair

Amla, as it is known, Indian gooseberry is the most talked about ingredient in Ayurveda for all hair problems, leave alone the color of hair! It is one of the richest sources of antioxidant vitamin C. If you include gooseberry in your diet, you will not only help your hair to grow fast and prevent from graying but you will also ensure that you remain healthy in toto. I’ll give you the recipe for homemade amla oil to be prepared by you so that you can stop premature growing of your hair.

You will need:

• Amla powder- 2 tsp (see the recipe below to know how to get powder out of gooseberry)

• Fenugreek powder (optional)- 1 tsp

• Coconut oil- 1 cup


• To make amla powder, take gooseberries pieces and dry them in shade. Once they dry completely, grind them to get their powder.

• Mix amla powder, coconut oil and fenugreek powder (if using) in a pan.

• Heat the pan on low flame.

• When you notice the oil turning brown, put off the flame.

• Allow to cool a little (watch it doesn’t get solid as coconut oil tends to settle in solid state when it’s cold temperature outside)

• Strain and store the oil in a container

Use this coconut oil with all the good things of amla in it to massage your scalp and hair daily at night. Wash off your hair in the morning.

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