Every woman loves to look younger by subtracting their age with the use of right products in their makeup kit. To make their face to look sun kissed and to hide wrinkles and dark spots they have to follow tips on how to make their face look younger. To hide dark shades on your skin follow our top 10 makeup tips to look younger. 


If your skin seems dry and dull then try to warm up your face by applying yellow liquid foundation to look younger. This gives your skin a brightening and radiant glow. This even helps to hide sunspots that make you feel embarrassing.  Foundation should be applied only in small amount in a circular format with the help of hands, if applied more you can find thick mask like complexion on your skin that makes you look ugly than natural.

concealerLiquid Concealer

Based on our age you have to apply the concealer. This aids in hiding circles and black spots on your skin.  To get luminous look just apply the liquid at the places of wrinkles and rinse it well till it gets skin one color.

blush brushBrush Blush

To make your cheeks look pretty and chubby, place your blush brush and rinse it in circular motion based on your selected choice of skin color. Opt for pinks or bronzes to get younger look to your face.

brighten upBrighten Up

Brighten up your skin tone by tapping highlighting cream on your skin. Try to apply the cream uniformly on your skin at the cheek bones, across lips and at the bridge of your nose.

eye curlerCurl your Lashes

To make yourself look pop and pretty curl your eyelashes with the help of curler. Curling your eyelashes aids in flattening and in drooping the eyelids that makes your eyes look wide open and youthful to audience.


Prepare yourself to apply waterproof mascara as a double coat to make your eyes look pretty and wide opened. Usually our eyelids become thinner as we age, so give a double coat of mascara to make them look younger.

eye pencilEye maker pencil

To give more radiation to your eyes just apply light chocolate brown or midnight brown at the roots of your lash line with eye maker pencil.  Sparkling eyes always gives a youthful appearance to skin tone.

lipstickGive A Little Lip

As you become aged your lips color becomes fade and dull, so line up your lip with good lipstick. While applying the lipstick try to start from border and then go for applying in the middle. After applying lipstick uniformly try to tap your lips with fingers to make edges soft and neat.