Apple Hair Mask for Dry Hair

My hair is medium not so thick. Winter time my hair gets very frizzy and dry.But here is the solution. Today I am going to share with you home made nourishing hair packs which if used religiously will not only make the hair soft, shiny, manageable but improve the hair texture. This awesome and super easy DIY hair mask to prevent dry, frizzy hair and dandruff that most of us experience in winter.

                                                                                    1 apple 
                                                                                    1 egg 
                                                                                   3 tbs olive oil

Clean and peel the apple, then mash it with a blender, Crack an egg, mix well and add the olive oil. Apply this mask for about 45 minutes, and then wash your hair with a mild shampoo. 
Benefits of the ingredients used:
Apple: The apple is one of the most available fruits, and you can make this mask quite often. The apple will add shine, strengthen weakened hair, vitamins and fruit acids help to restore dry hair. Apples are an acid fruit that can help restore dry hair.
Egg: Eggs are protein so they really help tackle damaged hair.
Olive oil : It moisturizes hair.If you have dry, frizzy, damaged hair with split ends, olive oil is your best friend. It cures all the above-mentioned problems easily. It adds shine to the hair and provides nourishment and also prevents hair loss.
I hope you guys love this recipe. Must try this at home and see the result.  

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