Always remove makeup before going to bed

Most of the women use makeup daily and it is essential to remove it before going to bed. If you do not remove your makeup it can cause skin problems and make linings on your skin. Always remove the makeup and clean your skin with some good cleanser and moisturize it after washing your face. To maintain the health and glow of your skin it is mandatory to clean your face from masks, makeup, chemical products or dirt. Here are some of the most important reasons why it is important to remove your makeup before going to bed.

Why should you remove makeup your before sleep?

  1. The first reason is the growth of bacteria that occur due to the makeup particles present on the pillow. If you sleep with foundation for instance some of it sticks to the pillow. Later on it will allow the growth of bacteria and cause skin problems like linings, acne and dark circles.

  2. When you sleep during the night your skin takes oxygen and refreshes all the pores and cells. If you sleep with makeup oxygen will not be able to get in. As a result your skin will not refresh and it will start looking dull and dry. To maintain its glow by proper refreshing, remove your makeup before going to bed.

  3. The skin health is maintained when you go to bed on time. Late night routines damage the skin health. For this reason it is better to remove the makeup and apply some skin cream that helps in regulating the nourishment process at night.

  4. Daily makeup catches a lot of dust and pollutants from the surrounding us environment and the free radicals that are not beneficial for our skin health. Washing your face and cleansing it assures the removal of all the dust and pollutants.

  5. Removing eye makeup gives you wrinkle free skin for a long time. Remove anything from your face and eyes to look younger.

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