Sandalwood Face Pack For Skin Dryness

Dry skin truly is a bane for many! Dry, flaky skin not just looks dull but ages faster too. Fortunately, you can now pamper your dry skin with this sandalwood face pack.

You will need sandalwood oil, milk powder and rose water to make a perfect face pack for treating skin dryness.

How To Make:

Take about 1 tsp milk powder in a bowl and add a few drops of sandalwood oil to it.

Add rose water as much as required to form an even paste.

Apply the paste on your face and neck and leave to dry for 15 minutes (for dark skin)/ 25 minutes (for fair skin).

Use this face pack thrice a week for optimum results. Sandalwood, milk and rose water will work in tandem to restore the natural PH balance of your skin. This will remove signs of skin dryness completely. So, a glowing and younger looking skin can now be yours!

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