To get perfect hair, you need the perfect brush!

I always have in my collection, more than one hairbrush. When I was young I used to collect different kinds of hairbrushes. Now I have 4 different types of hairbrushes. Every Hairbrushes are used for different purpose.  So I thought I'd share what hairbrushes I use for each step of the hair care process.  
My yellow and purple are so common Wide Tooth Comb. I bought it at very low prices. These two combs work so well. That’s why I have not changed them yet. I'm using these two Hairbrushes from 2006. Other two brushes from Faces and Veda. One is Paddle brush another one is Natural Bristle Brush. Last one is Parting or “Rat Tail” Comb from Faces.

These are my most common types of brushes which are available on the local market.
Wide Tooth Comb:

Wide Tooth Comb is best for detangling. After shower I use this wide tooth comb to break away all the unwanted tangles. If you suffer from any sort of tangles in your hair, you need this! 
Bristle Brush :
Vega’s Bristle Brush for all type hair. Generally I use this brush on drying time. The bristles separate the tugs easily and as an added bonus which I feel on my hair.  The balls on the end of the bristles are very much gentle to my hair.
Paddle brush :

Paddle brushes usually have bristles coming out of a soft cushion and are great for massaging the scalp, detangling, and smoothing naturally straight hair. After using this brush for the first time my hair was amazingly silky smooth and shiny. This Paddle brush is my favorite.  Generally I use Paddle brush for stimulating scalp after oil massage. Do not use this brush if your hair is wavy or dry.
Parting or “Rat Tail” Comb :

The head can be used for styling, while the pointed handle is perfect for parting hair. Whether I want a center, side, or zigzag part, I use this comb's pointed part. Plus, the fine teeth of the comb are great for smoothing out any cowlicks and bumps in my hair style.
So, Which hair brushes do you use?

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