DIY : Polka Dots Nail Art

Polka dot nail art has been created the trendy style is simple in the fashion world. This nail art can be a lovely nail design for any season and occasion. It’s very easy to create the polka dot nail art. Only use common items you have at home, you can create your own polka dot.

First of all, you have to prepare the materials which are used on your nails, such as tooth pick or pen, two different nail color, nail polish remover, and top coat. 


Step I

Cut your nails with desire shapes

Step II

Then, you have to clean your hands and nails as usual

Step III

Well, now you polish the base coat on your nails. Let it dry few minutes. The function of base coat is to protect your nails.

Step IV

After that, you can apply the nail polish on your nails as a background. Let the background color dry.

Step V

Then, take a tooth pick to create the dot on your nails. Allow your dots to dry and then, protect your nail art by using a top coat.

If you want the big dots, you have to dip the tooth pick and add the more nail polish. You can make colorful dots also. How to design your nail with polka dot it’s up to you. Here I made a single flower on my middle finger. That was also very simple.  
What to do, once the main color has dried place your first dot, then put the toothpick in the center of the dot and pull towards what will be the center of your flower . Next add a second dot and again drag the toothpick from the center of your dot towards the center of the flower, Repeat this for make more flower petal. Remember, don’t let the polish dry too much, otherwise you won’t get the effect of a stem on the petal. 

Well, now your nails look so perfect. It is easy and simple, to do. You just need a few minutes to get this adorable design.

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