Khadi Fruit Herbal Face Pack Review

As mentioned earlier, I bought some Khadi products for the first time. I already reviewed Khadi’s Tree Tea Essential Oil. I must say that I am very satisfied with the Essential Oil. Today’s review is for their anther product; that is fruit herbal face pack.

What Khadi  says about Fruit Herbal Face Pack

The Khadi Fruit pack is one of the most natural products. The pack is bursting with vitamins and fruit extracts, which will help to remove all dirt, dead cells and grime from the skin; and will leave it radiant and fresh.

Key Features of Khadi fruit face pack:
Anti-Ageing properties
Gives a youthful glow to your face
Renewing pores
Renewing cells and the texture of skin
Rejuvenates dull and dry skin
Pack will effectively restore the radiant glow to all types of skin.

Price           115/-      
Quantity    50 gms
Shelf life    24 months from Mfg date

Ingredients: Enriched with nourishing ingredients such as Papaya juice, Olive oil, Akhrot oil, Orange extract and many more natural ingredients.

How to use:

Mix five or ten grams of the Fruit Face pack with a few drops of milk or rose water and work into a paste. Apply a thin film on neck and face, taking care to not allow contact with your eyes.  Allow to dry for five to ten minutes and rinse off with cold water

My experience with Khadi Fruit Herbal Face Pack


I saw most of the Khadi face pack comes in a steel container and this is also not an exception. But the main product is placed in a zip lock plastic bag and placed in the steel container. To me, this is not travel friendly because my container cap has already got lose. But one good thing is that after the full use of the product you can use this empty container for other purpose which I shall do for sure.


The pack is in smooth powder form which looks like multani mitti.


It has mild fruity smell
Honestly speaking, my first experience with this product is very bad. According to their direction, I made this pack with rose water which I generally do. In the first application, my taste was a little watery but not runny in consistency. While applying the paste, I felt a horrible burning sensation on my skin. So immediately I washed it off. After that, I saw some rashes and my skin became slightly red.
Then after 4 to 5 day passed, I tried it again. This time I mixed with cool milk. Again I felt same terrible burning sensation on my face.

So for the last try, after a week, I tried again with milk but this time burning sensation was quite less. I kept it for 10 minutes. Since my skin is not sensitive, I can use any kinds of products without any hesitation. But for this product, it proved me wrong. Although it was mentioned that this product is for all type of skin. I was expecting much from this product.

After washing off the pack I felt, my skin became drier. I could not saw any freshness on my face. Finally, I decide to skip this product.
I Like that 
  • The ingredients are natural 
  • Steel container can be re-used
  • Very less quantity is enough for a face pack
  • You can mix the powder both rose water and milk
  • It has mild fruity smell
I don't like that
  • After applying its gives terrible burning sensation
  • The packaging is not traveled friendly
  • Face became too dry and stiff
  • It didn't provide a glow
  • Did no wonders on skin
  • Not for all skin type
Do I Recommend?

No, those who have sensitive skin they cannot use this face pack. For normal and oily skin, I would advise to check it out only if it suits you before you want to buy. 

Would I Repurchase?

No, I won’t buy it again.  

Overall, I am very disappointed with this product. It sounds so good but does not work.

My suggestion to khadi, they should improve their Fruit Face pack’s quality. 

BALM Rating 2/5

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