March Beauty Haul

I am back again with a new mini haul of this month. This month I bought:
2 nail polish from nail trend
Lotus white glow night cream
Lotus cocomoist moisturising lotion
Toner from biotique
Bio henna leaf shampoo and conditioner from biotique

I bought the nail trend nail polish from Reliance Trend for the first time. So I don't have any idea about this nail polish. It is very cheap; bye one is for Rs. 30 and gets 2 for Rs. 50.

Second one is Lotus white glow night cream. Its active ingredients in this cream help in enhancing skin complexion and promising a radiant glow.
I will try this for first time.

In summer I tend to get extremely dry skin. This Lotus cocomoist moisturising lotion works good on my skin. Last summer I used this lotion and got a good result.

I picked up two products from biotique. They have very good collection of beauty and skin care products as well as hair care.

Bio Honey Water is an herbal clarifying toner which brings skin into prefect ph balance.

Last one is Bio henna leaf shampoo and conditioner; it is a natural way of colouring the hair without causing any chemical damage. Hope that it will give a good color on my dark hair.

Please share your thoughts if you have used any of these products. 

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