Biotique Bio Honey Water Clarifying Toner Review

Before I get into the details about this toner, let me tell you what I was looking for. I have suffered from dry and flaky skin for last 2 or 3 month (may be for the weather change). So I was looking for a toner which will hydrate and refresh my skin. Especially in summer I take my skin care regimen super-seriously. Whether you have oily, dry, and sensitive or combination skin, using a toner in your beauty regimen is important which will results a flawless, smooth and healthy skin. Let’s get into more details stuff for you all about this toner. 

What Biotique says about Bio Honey Water
Price : 149/-

Quantity : 120ml

Shelf life : 3 years from mfg date


Maju phal (Quercus Infectoria), Gajar (Daucus Carota), Ghritkumari (Aloevera Bardadensis), Manjistha (Rubia Cordifolia), Gulab (Rosa Centifolia), Madhu (Honey (Mel), Japa (Hibiscus rose senensis), Himalayan Water Q.S.

Directions for use:

Apply with cotton pads or with washcloth and gently wipe over cleansed face and neck every morning and evening.

My Experience with Biotique Bio Honey Water Clarifying Toner:

I would like to mention that I used this toner for 4 weeks before this review.


The packaging is not spill-proof and the wide hole of the bottle leads to product wastage. It is not travel friendly and there will be always linkage tension. Otherwise the plastic bottle with broad green cap is very easy to use.


It's texture is just like water.


Inside the bottle the liquid look pink in color. 


It has an herbal fragrance.

What I absolutely love about this toner is that it makes my skin very clean. My skin appears soft and smooth after using it! The effect is instantaneous and I'm really amazed with it. The product also dries very quickly and there is no sticky feeling or anything negative about the product! After using this toner, I could apply moisturizer straight away. Even before applying my moisturizer, my skin felt little bit moisturized. In fact I don't find any oil left on my skin after using this toner. The toner hydrates my skin very well. I don't know how it will work in winter but in summer Bio Honey Water nicely takes care of my skin. Full of natural ingredient, there is no mention of alcohol. It gives cooling sensation to the skin which makes it an ideal product for summers (I used one cotton pad for each half of my face). I generally apply it during night time. The quantity provided is very long lasting and this 120 ml bottle will easily last for 2 to 3 months or more if used once in a day. 

I Like that 
  • Definitely it cleans my skin very well.
  • It does not dry my skin.
  • Another good thing about this toner is there is no harmful elements in the product.
  • It is alcohol free. 
  • The best part is I paid Rs 149 for the 120 ml bottle which makes it super affordable for everyone. Good product with affordable prize.
  • It does not cause me to any break out.
  • Dermatologist tested for safety. 
  • For all skin types

I don't like that

I don't find anything negative about the product quality, but smell is too strong for me which irritate my nose, may be good for other.

Do I Recommend?

Yes, it’s for all skin types.

Would I Repurchase?

I would like to repurchase it again.

Overall, the packaging is hygienic. It restores my skin’s pH balance and hydrate skin very well.  I really like this product, it is effective and affordable. Good choice for Indian summer.

BALM Rating 4/5

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** This post is not sponsored. All products are bought with my own money, and reviewed at my own discretion.

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