Excellent gateway for a half day trip - Lavasa

Lavasa is a planned private city being built near PuneLavasa is set on the seven hills of Maharashtra in the Mose valley. It is located behind the Dam of Varasgaon. The weather conditions in Lavasa remain pleasant throughout the year.The best time to visit Lavasa is during the monsoon season because of the pleasant weather that allows the exploration of natural wildlife and waterfalls located in the region. 

I visited Lavasa during the rainy season in 2013. Lavasa is 2 hours away from Pune. The sightseeing on the way from Pune to Lavasa is really beautiful. Lavasa city is so planned that it gives you the flavor of European styled cities. 3 to 4 hours is more than enough to explore the city. There are lots of food stalls where the rates are a bit higher compared to the normal price. I felt that the only problem here is that foods and hotels are very costly for the Indian middle-class family.

Overall its a good place for a half day trip. 
Best time to visit:

June, July, and August 

Distance : 

A. Pune to Lavasa City:-
1 h 53 min (57.5 km) via Temghar-Lavasa Rd
1 h 59 min (65.7 km) via Sus Rd and Temghar-Lavasa Rd
2 h 11 min (68.7 km) via Hinjewadi Pirangut Rd and Temghar-Lavasa Rd

B. Mumbai to Lavasa City:-
3 h 56 min (186.2 km) via Mumbai-Pune Expy
5 h 4 min (212.1 km) via Mumbai-Pune Expy and Temghar-Lavasa Rd

How to Reach Lavasa:

There are taxis, cars and buses are easily available to take you to this township. There is no public transport in Lavasa as yet, therefore, it is best to have your own car. 

Necessary things to carry along with you:
  1. Umbrella
  2. Raincoat
  3. Camera
  4. Drinking water
For more picture visit here.

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Excellent gateway for a half day trip - Lavasa Excellent gateway for a half day trip - Lavasa Reviewed by Anamikadbn on April 21, 2015 Rating: 5

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