Hair Care Tips

Since the beginning of time beautiful hair signifies beauty and health. Beautiful hair attracts both men and women glances. There are many hair types but that is of no importance. The only and ultimate quality is that the hair is healthy and shiny. If you are not completely happy with your hair here are some tips that will help you make it more soft and shiny.

1)       SHAMPOOS

The entire commercial world suggests using moisturising shampoos but that should not be really taken for granted. The problem can appear if your hair is already too greasy or if you are using it for too long. In that case your hair can lose the ability to absorb all the moisture and then the look is completely opposite from attractive.

2)      CURLY HAIR

If you have curly hair, one of the best things you can do to make your curls strong and define is to wash your hair normally, as usual, and then, in the end, to rinse it with cold water. This is also very good advice for all hair types. For the rest of them it will not make curls but it will give them nice, shiny look.

3)      BLOW DRY

If you are using hairdryer to dry your hair, try to make it always blow from the roots to the ends. Use brush while you are drying by combing and drying in the same time. This is not that difficult even for beginners and it will make you look like you just have been to a hairdresser.

4)      TOWELS

Many women have the habit to keep towel on their heads as long as they are putting make up. That can be so damaging for your hair! Because of the hot air inside the towel your hair changes its structure and becomes more rebellious. Damaging that you can make that way is both temporal and permanent. It is temporal because you will have hard time to make a hairstyle and permanent because that way your hair becomes dry and fragile.


If you are used to straighten your hair it is simply out of question to do that without right protection. Heat that the hair straightener produces is much more than it can handle. If you add to that endless number of repeating you will probably end up with a wig on your head. You can very easily find products specially made to protect your hair from heat damaging in any better equipped shop. And another important thing is to always apply protection 15 minutes before straightening, so hair would have enough time to absorb it.


There is a myth that dirty hair sponges are much better in sponging colors that clean one. That is very wrong because hair is much better in sponging when it is clean. If you do not believe that try washing your hair and then going to a bar with allowed smoking. Tomorrow your hair will smell like you have rubbed it with cigarette ash. So, if you are dying your hair alone always wash it before applying some dye.

7)      HAIR MASK

Very important thing in hair care is nurturing. The most recommended mask, for all hair types is a mixture of olive oil, coconuts oil and honey. Take equal parts of each ingredient and mix in a little bowl. Apply on your hair and leave it for 20 minutes. After that your hair will be shiny and visibly smoother.

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