Olive Oil for Beauty

There are many uses with the olive oil for keeping good health. In the same way, the name olive oil can be heard in beauty tips also. Olive oil can be used in many ways as a conditioner for the hair and as a moisturizer for the body. Here are some of the tips to improve beauty of the body and hair with olive oil.

  • Take half cup of olive oil, 1/4th cup of vinegar, 1/4th cup of water in a bowl and mix well. If this mixture is applied for the hands, face and body during night times, it works as a good moisturizer and makes the skin smooth.

  • Vitamin E in olive oil keeps the skin smooth and maintains the moisture on the skin. So apply a few drops of olive oil on   skin daily after bath so that it protects the skin from not becoming dry. Olive oil protects the skin from the ultra violet rays that are released from the sun.

  • Take a full bowl of olive oil and mix one teaspoon of lime juice and heat the oil. After the oil becomes warm, keep the hand fingers till they sink in the oil for ten minutes. This makes the nails become strong and healthy.

  • Warm olive oil is to be massaged on the hair and leave it for half an hour and then take head bath. This makes the hair becomes very smooth and also controls the problem of splits.

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