Review // Biotique Bio Henna Leaf Shampoo and Conditioner

Product Information:

Name:  Biotique Bio Henna Leaf Shampoo and Conditioner
Price:  Rs.99/- (Available Here)
Quantity:  120 ml
Shelf life:  3 years from Mfg date

Product Claims:

Treat your color treated hair the ayurvedic way. Safe to use on all types, Biotique Bio’s Henna Leaf Shampoo is a multipurpose hair cleanser that is gentle yet effective on your hair. The natural formulation contains Henna Leaves, Soap Nut, Mehndi and Mulethi to gently cleanse and condition your hair bringing out a rich brown tone in your hair. The Biotique Henna Leaf Fresh Texture Shampoo & Conditioner is enriched with natural hair conditioners that improve the texture of your colour treated hair to make it look shiny. This Henna Leaf Fresh Shampoo & Conditioner is ideal to be used for hair fall, greying and colour treated hair. The ayurvedic Henna Leaf Fresh Texture Shampoo & Conditioner makes your hair feel healthy and making it thick and lustrous. 

Direction for use: 
  • Apply the Biotique Shampoo with Conditioner in a coloured wet hair.
  • It works by forming into a lather throughout your scalp -working from deep in into the scalp to the root of the hair.
  • Rinse off thoroughly with water.
  • Repeat application if necessary.

Henna Leaves, Soap Nut, Berberry, Mehndi, Brahmi, Mulethi, Aam Beej, Harar, Arjuna, Ritha, Himalyan Water.

My Experience: 

Biotique Bio Henna Leaf Shampoo and Conditioner comes in a translucent plastic bottle with green colored screw cap. Hence it is very easy to know how much quantity is used and left out. The bottle is quite sturdy and it is a completely travel-friendly packaging with no fear of leakage or spillage.

The shampoo looks very light brown in color inside the bottle (otherwise it has no color) with mild and pleasant odor.  But the smell doesn’t linger for a long time. 

The texture of the shampoo is gel type which is very soft, smooth with little thick in consistency. 
I've used several skin care products from Biotique.  But this is the first time I am using their shampoo. The main thing about this product is that it contains shampoo along with a conditioner in it.  Before use, I rinsed my hair with water and took a little amount of shampoo and massaged all for 2 minutes, then washed my hair.  I repeated the same once again. It created enough lather. I need two washes to be completely free of oil and dirt from my scalp. The shampoo is applied easily and gets spread to my medium length hair. It is easily rinsed away. My scalp is oily to normal but hair ends are very dry. And really it works great on my dry end of the hair. The shampoo has conditioner so I didn’t use any other conditioner on dry ends. This shampoo leaves hair soft, shiny and manageable. It really smooths my hair texture.

But one thing I've noticed that when I oil my hair and after that, I use this shampoo, it did not produce that much of lather which can clean my hair after one application so I required a second application with more amount of shampoo for proper cleaning.

The shampoo contains Henna Leaves, Soap Nut, Mehndi and Mulethi which are being used to condition and bringing out a rich brown tone in my hair slightly. Even after 4 to 5 wash, you shall see the color and tone in your hair is retained. 

Its works very well for normal to dry scalp people but I am not sure how its work for very oily scalp. As because within 3 to 4 day my normal scalp turns into oily that time it works well.  So, I can suggest oily scalp beauties try once.

What I like
Contains with various natural ingredients
Ingredients are allergen free
Cleanses your oily scalp
Conditions your hair too
Adds a rich brown hue
Hair feels soft, clean and manageable
100% herbal products
Can be used daily
Priced very reasonably
Travel-friendly and sturdy packaging

What I don’t like

Really I could not find any reason to disapprove this shampoo.

Overall, I want to say Biotique Bio Henna Leaf Shampoo and Conditioner is one of the best shampoos I’ve ever used. It’s the best shampoo for everyday use for normal to dry hair.  This three in one Biotique Bio shampoo cleanses your hair, Enriched with Conditioner, Brings out the Richest Brown Tones. So, how can we miss this shampoo? I highly recommended this Biotique Bio Henna Leaf Shampoo and Conditioner.
BALM Rating: 4.75/5

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  1. I am hearing abt this shampoo fr the first time.. very interesting !!!

  2. My hair is not colored can i still use this shampoo bcoz i have premature grey hair?