Home Remedies for Oily Hair Treatment at Home

How to use home remedies for oily hair treatment at home? Thing again if you thought that those having oily hair have the world at their feet. You bet the grass will look greener on the other side, more of it when you are not wearing the same tresses or mane. It wont be fun having long hair which looks oily and limp. Here are a few secrets on how to tackle oily hair.

We’r going to discuss about different ingredients that work magic on treating oily hair. You will completely be advised on which ingredient to prefer and which you shouldn’t. Its just having the right pH for the scalp so that the hair doesn’t go too dry or too oily at any given point of time.

Home Remedies for Oily Hair

1.) Vinegar to Get Rid of Oily Hair

Step into the kitchen and you will find a bottle of vinegar which will come in handy to get away with the oil from your hair. We all know vinegar doesn’t smell that good but it does help a lot. Prefer apple cider or white vinegar, only a cup of it and a last rinse of it would do good in controlling the oily scalp from where these oily hairs are born. It helps in restoring the much needed acidity on the scalp and also brings out the needed pH balance. Mix vinegar with a quarter of water and it would be fine. 3 times a week only lest you would stink of vinegar which no one wants.

2.) Argan Oil to Get Rid of Oily Hair

How well are you shampooing your scalp? Everyone needs to be extremely careful when shopping for conditioners and other hair treatments available in the market today. These actually can do more harm than any good. Argan oils from the cosmetic brand are the best for dry hair and not only dry hairs, so don’t prefer buying shampoos containing that. Just ask an expert to call out the preferred names of the shampoos which are meant only for your oily hair. Oily hair actually needs nourishment everyday. Also one should ensure that oily hair should not be treated with silicone based products, as the oiliness would increase.

3.) Stop Touching to Get Rid of Oily Hair

Please touch me not, says the oily hair. And it is actually true; stop touching your hair. Try resisting the habit of shoving those long fingers through the hair and stop playing with it. This actually activates the oil glands which instead produce more oil as they sense and feel your touch.

4.) Aloe Vera to Get Rid of Oily Hair

Mix a table spoon of aloe vera and mild herbal shampoo in equal quantities. Massage this mix in your scalp with a circular motion and let it soothe the surface. This would help detox the scalp, and remove the impurities. Do it 3 times a week or anytime, and it would surely work wonders.

5.) Conditioning to Get Rid of Oily Hair

Hair conditioning, at least twice a week is a must for healthy tresses. If not observed, the hair gets dried up and the oil glands are over driven. This instead makes the hair oily and some unwanted dose of dandruff starts appearing and resides on your head. Amla and shikakai paste helps to get rid of this condition and certainly makes the hair soft and smooth while balancing the pH levels too.

6.) Protein to Get Rid of Oily Hair

As they say it right, you are what you eat so it becomes really very important to check what you eat. The hormones have a vital role to play and they decide if the hair is dry medium or oily. Oily food and sugary delights activate these glands to produce oil,  which makes the hair oily in the long run. Studies have proven that the pH was better when their clients consumed food which was full of proteins. More of protein is what we need so that the hormones are good and friendly.

7.) Lemon Juice to Get Rid of Oily Hair

Lemon juice with honey helps in clearing the toxins, helps a person stay slim and manages the oily hair too. Lime’s pH level helps to tackle the oiliness of hair, the acidic properties help heal the skin and the bloodstream is also alkalised. Make an astringent out of a lime by squeezing its juice while mixing the concentrate in its pure form with some water. This shall then be used for a final rinse of before shampooing the hair and the oiliness would be gone.

8.) Avoid Stress to Get Rid of Oily Hair

Leave out on stress as it shows on your skin and hair. The emotions affect the hormones, which clearly means that the hair follicles and the skin cells take a beating too. They are over driven and the glands create more oil overtime. Try exercising or walking, dancing or listening to music, eating healthy and deep breathing and feel content with the oil free hair then.

There can be many other reasons why oil strikes our beautiful hair locks which is why ensure consulting your physician before using any of the information here who will clearly tell you everything about your hair.

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