Review // Himalaya Herbals Gentle Daily Care Protein Shampoo

I have a little more weakness for herbal shampoo. One of the reason is that the list of ingredients which are mentioned in herbal shampoo. In my collection, I try to keep at least one herbal shampoo. Currently, I am using Himalaya Herbals Gentle Daily Care Protein Shampoo for a frequent wash which is mild and effective to clean my hair well.

Detail Product Information:
Name: Himalaya Herbals Gentle Daily Care Protein Shampoo 
Price:  Rs. 220/-
Quantity: 400ml

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Product Claims: 

Himalaya's Gentle Daily Care Protein Shampoo has a mild formulation for those who lead an active life, requiring frequent shampooing. Enriched with natural proteins, it gently cleanses and provides the necessary nourishment to hair. Himalaya's Gentle Daily Care Protein Shampoo keeps your hair soft, smooth and healthy.

Extracts of protein-rich herbs like Chickpea and Amla provide nourishment to your hair while Licorice conditions and helps promote growth. The ingredients thoroughly cleanse hair, making it healthy and manageable.
Key ingredients:
  • Amla is a natural hair tonic, used extensively in Ayurveda as a key ingredient for treating hair and scalp conditions. It strengthens hair follicles and promotes hair growth.
  • Licorice root extracts have been reported to possess glycyrrhizic acid which is stated to exhibit antioxidant and humectant properties which condition and maintain healthy hair.
  • Chickpea provides daily nourishment to your hair keeping it soft, smooth and healthy. 

  • For everyday hair care
  • Strengthens hair roots
  • Reduces hair fall
Direction for use: 

Gently massage the shampoo into wet hair and scalp. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. 
Safe to use on artificially colored or permed hair.

Honestly speaking Himalaya’s product has never disappointed me. So without any second thought, I can easily pick up any products from this brand. Now come to the point. The first thing I liked about this shampoo is, it’s a mild shampoo which contains various natural ingredients for better nourishment of hair. My scalp is petty oily but the rest of the hair is dry mainly ends of the hair. This shampoo effectively cleans my scalp but require a lot of shampoos. It does not foam well in the first wash. So, I had to re-apply with more quantity to create lather. One thing I noticed that it make the rest of the hair drier and a bit rough as well just after the wash. But the next day I feel my hair so light, manageable and smooth. These effects remain for 3 days. 

Pros of Himalaya Herbals Gentle Daily Care Protein Shampoo:
  • This shampoo is very gentle and doesn’t rip off moisture from my scalp
  • To some extent it reduces my hair fall
  • It contains natural extracts and is a mild shampoo which suits best for daily wash
  • It has a very mild and pleasant fragrance that not too over-powering which lingers even after washing off
  • The bottle is sturdy, leakage proof, in short, it comes in a travel-friendly packaging
  • Very economical 
  • Easily available in the market
Cons of Himalaya Herbals Gentle Daily Care Protein Shampoo:
  • It does not dry scalp but turn hair little dry
  • Doesn't lather much on the first wash. On the second it works well
  • Need a good quantity of shampoo for a wash

Overall, this shampoo works well for me, though it makes little dry my hair just after wash, the next day I feel bounce and volumes on my hair. The best part of this shampoo is I have to wash my hair everyday or on every alternate day. The only drawback of this product has that it doesn't create sufficient lather on the initial application. If anyone washes their hair more regularly and frequently it better to use a mild shampoo and Himalaya Herbals Gentle Daily Care Protein Shampoo is the best option for them. However, at the end just want to mention that those who have dry hair, this shampoo can make hair drier. 

Have you used this? What was your experience?

BALM Rating: 4/5

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  1. I don't know why Himalaya shampoos never work for my hair! Though I like their cleansers and facepacks :) Nice review.

  2. I have used Himalaya shampoos many times. I like that they're free of any chemicals :)

    1. Please read the ingredients list mentioned in this post itself before you say it's free of any *chemicals*!!!

      Hell lot of chemicals!!!

    2. So true, they too have chemicals in it. Although its SLS free but has ALS which is another form of Sulfate. We should be using Sulfate free shampoos. You can try TBS rainforest sulfate free shampoo, its good. Give it a try.

  3. I agree with your review and it takes lots of shampoo to wash oiled hair :) Nice review..

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