3 Winners and Winning Hair Care Recipes of Parachute Advansed Hair Oil DIY Kit Contest

First of all I would like to thank all the participants for their participation on Parachute Advanced Hair Oil DIY Kit Monsoon Contest  and sharing amazing DIY ideas for monsoon hair care using oil. Honestly I would love to try all the recipes. Now as per the rule I am going to announce the winners and the winning DIY hair care recipes:
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 1. Winner Soni Charly and her DIY recipe :
P.C  Soni Charly
step 1) Apply warm coconut oil with few drops for castor oil on scalp.
step 2) after few hours, apply mayonnaise from the midlength of hair to the end
step 3) wait for 20 min, and wash off with regular shampoo and use conditioner if required. I wash off with my herbal powder based on shikkakai powder and fenugreek only with rice soup / rice water
step 4) use parachute jasmine non sticky hair oil if need to get rid of the mayonnaise smell.

you with have a silky smooth hair, even after the first use.

2. Winner Vijayeta Chaudhry and her DIY recipe :

Take one Tblspn of castor oil and two Tblspn of coconut oil. Mix them together and pour one vitamin e capsule in it. Mix them well and put this container in warm water for some time. Now take some amount of aloe vera gel from the leaf and massage the gel on from your scalp to the hair tips. After that massage with this oil, leave for overnight. It's really nice for hairs and easy to use as well.

3. Winner Shweta Murarka  and her DIY recipe :

I am following this hair care remedy since childhood when my mom taught it to me. I warm up some coconut oil and put 2-3 camphor balls in it n let them melt.Stir it. It would thus become camphor oil. I apply this oil to my scalp and hair during night time... and wash it off next morning.It makes my hair so soft n smooth.It provides bounce n shine to my hair. Also it eradicates dandruff.Apart from this, camphor oil provides calmness to my mind.It gives me a great sleep. Its aroma is so soothing n calming. Its like hair spa at home. 

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Congratulations Beauties !

All the 3 winners, please do share your contact number and full postal address at anamika.nath96@gmail.com within 2 days. 

Those who didn't win, please don't loose your heart.  On coming days I have many more contest and giveaways for you all, till then stay with Beauty and Lifestyle Mantra. 
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