9 Beauty Products that I keep in the Fridge

Just after marriage, when my husband saw that I stored my cosmetics in the refrigerator, he laughed at me. He has never seen that anyone keep cosmetics in the refrigerator. Honestly, in my fridge, there is no free space. I just use it not only for storing vegetables, fruits, and drink but also use to preserve the quality of some kinds of cosmetics or beauty products. 

I always keep my Toner in the refrigerator, especially in the summer. The main purpose of toner is to make the skin fresh and to shrink the open pores. 

I store rose water in the refrigerator. It can help providing more soothing and calming benefits, especially when I am directly spraying it on my dry, inflamed skin.  It feels more refreshing spraying cold rose water on face.

I am sure nobody doesn't like it that lipstick to break down and melt because of heat in the Summer. So I keep my most favorite shade in the refrigerator even lip balm. Due to heat lip balm also turns into the water like form so I keep lip balm in the refrigerator and it will return to its normal consistency within the hour.

I also store my eye cream or gel in the refrigerator. Chilled eye creams help to decrease puffiness of the eyes and give a fresh feeling. Those who love to work at late night like me they can feel the benefits of chilled eye creams.

Mascara to liquid eyeliner, these products have an expiration date once you open them. To make them last as long as possible, toss them in the fridge. 

I put my masks in the refrigerator, which mainly comes in gel formula like aloe vera gel, lavender gel just for an extra cooling and soothing effect.

Like lipstick, I also keep some of my most favorite nail polish shades in the refrigerator that will keep nail polish easy to apply for much longer!

I love to create my own DIY beauty products. Usually, we don't use any preservatives in our homemade beauty products so they can withstand only a few hours at room temperature. I always prepare my DIY beauty product just before using it. After using, if there is some extra left, then I keep it in the refrigerator. In this way you can extend their shelf life, that can last more than a week. I have stored my orange peel powder in the fridge more than a year. 

I also store my Winter skincare products like cold cream, body lotion etc in the fridge. In winter we use the richer cream for the skin. These winter creams are totally useless for me in the summer so it will be better to keep them in a cold place for next season.

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Well, Do you keep any of your beauty products in the fridge? 

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  1. I keep my fack masks, aloevera gel and undereye cream in fridge. By now will keep nail polishes too. Nice post.

  2. I keep my fack masks, aloevera gel and undereye cream in fridge. By now will keep nail polishes too. Nice post.

  3. I keep others but not eye cream. Sounds good option

  4. Wow... Good idea BTW... I used to keep my nail polishes in fridge... I will keep my eye cream, toner and mascara in fridge now...

  5. Nice post , I keep my Lipsticks In Fridge :-) Apart from that some natural skin care products like the ones I got from Amara Organix & Aroma Essentials were asked to be kept in fridge :-)

  6. I keep my rose water and toner in the refrigerator. I love your idea of keeping liquid eyeliner and mascara in the refrigerator. Nice post.

  7. I mostly keep my face mists toners and aloe vera gels in the fridge. Great post.

  8. Beautifully described dear Anamika..I also store all of my essential oils and carrier oils in refrigerator..😊😊

  9. I didn't know we can keep our nail paints in there too :|
    Good to know :) :)


  10. I keep aloe vera gel and rose water in fridge �� I didn't know Mascara's can also be kept in fridge �� I'll surely try this trick ��


  11. I would love to keep my rose water in fridge, but I might skip it then being too lazy to walk to fridge! :P

    This post was truly informative.