All Time 12 Best Indian Handloom Sarees

All Time 12 Best Indian Handloom Sarees

I love wearing western dresses but no one can match the grace of Indian women in Saree. The six-yard Saree is a magical outfit for every woman. India Handloom Sarees has a long history and till date, India Handloom Sarees are in huge demand, they are the traditional textile art of Bangladesh and India. Indian Handloom Sarees are a showcase of the culture of the place of their origin, stunning designs and weaves reflected hard work and skill of the artist. Since 2015, August 7 has been celebrated as National Handloom Day in India to celebrate Swadeshi moment. The handloom sector provides employment to lakhs of weavers and plays an important role in the Indian economy. Handloom clothes are made with sheer hands completion of a single fabric takes much time. 

Different types of handloom sarees can be purchased at Bhagalpuri, Kanchipuram, Kota, Arn.i, Banaras, Gadwal, and Surat. So let’s celebrate handloom week and use more handloom products in our daily life.

Here are 12 Best Handloom sarees which you can get from across the country and these are all-time best Sarees.

1. Munga Sarees – Highly Elegant

Munga sarees are crafted in traditional silk fabric which is produced by special kind of larvae which only feeds on two leaves. These sarees have a three-dimensional look and golden threads which can be only found in Assam.

2. Chanderi – Royal Magic

These are tailored at Madhya Pradesh made from silk, Jari, and cotton. They are lighter than a feather, have narrow border and booty designs which give them a royal look.

3. Taant –Be the Classic Queen

These Crisp cotton fantasies are daily wearing a traditional outfit of women in Bengal. It is light in weight stiffly starched and has a wide range of colors, thick border, and beautiful Prints.

4. Bandhini Sarees -Most Adorable

Bandhini is derived from the word Bandhan which refers to the traditional art of tie and dye. Bandhini sarees are crafted in Gujarat. They have unique designs that are created with wax. These are weaved by Khatri community people.

5. Tussar Silk Sarees – Piece Of Art

Tussar sarees have its roots in the state of Bihar. Their fabric is soft and madhubani painting with bright color combinations makes it a must buy.

6. Sambalpuri –Traditional touch

Sambalpuri sarees are from Odisha, the threads are dyed for about 5 weeks with natural dyes. These are available in various colors and make for good festive wear.

7. Kanjeevaram - Queen of Sarees

Kanjjvaram Sarees are the most famous bridal sarees which come from Tamilnadu. These look similar to banarsi sarees as they have elegant designs.

8. Banarasi –Royal Touch

Banarsi Sarees hails from the land of Varanasi are world-famous for their gold and silver zari designs. In north India, they are popular as bridal sarees, perfect for a wedding as well as other festive occasions.

9. Patola Sarees- Most dazzling

Patola Sarees made from patola silk found there name from Gujarat. These Sarees offers extensive bold patterns and complicated geometric designs with vibrant colors.

10. Kantha Sarees- Magic Weave

Next among best varieties of handloom Sarees in India is Kantha. These are appreciated for stylish designs exhibited by simple stitching over comes in a wide range of designs featuring flowers and wine bottles.

11. Baluchari sarees –Most alluring

The complete weaving of a baluchari Saree requires about 22 days of hard work. The border of these sarees feature stories from Indian mythology. The designs of Ramayana and Mahabharata are mostly spotted on them.

12. Leheriya –Full of spirit

These are similar to bandhani sarees. But while crafting Leheriya different technique of tie and dye is used. Both Gujarat and Rajasthan are known for Leheriya Sarees.

I have always worn a Saree when I want to look elegant. Do you Love wearing Sarees? Would not you want to have them all in your collection? Let me know which type of Saree you like the most.

Author: Nisha Singh

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  1. Inme se maine sirf taant ki saree hi nahi pehni per usko pahanne ka man young age se hi tha, baaki to sab khub pehni ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  2. Kanjeevaram is surely the queen of all ❤ I love wearing it

  3. My mom has some best collection of banarsi sarees and yes that are my favorite

  4. Handloom saarees are love for any bangali girl. They look super gorgeous yet understated, classy, light weight and comfortable to carry.

  5. Who doesn't like to wear these beautiful sarees. I love to wear these in any occasion or party. My favourite one is kanjivaram and Banarsi sarees.

  6. I love wearing chanderi and Tusser Silk Sarees

  7. I am a saree lover!! Need to get my hand on one of every kind ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Really Amazing!! I really appreciate your research on Indian Handloom.

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