10 Simple Tips for Style Your Living Room

10 Simple Tips for Style Your Living Room


The living room is the social centre of your home and defines the standard of your living. So it’s extremely important to style your living room properly. The living room is the first room which your guest see, so it should reflect your personal taste and aesthetic. Try these tips to make your living room look luxurious and timeless.

1. Simplify your styling:

A chaotic, over the accessorized living room, can look messy and disorganized. So only retain those that have sentimental value or remind strong memories. A simplified space will enable the remaining elements to really shine, and it will keep you on a budget also.

2. Blend elegance and comfort:

Blend elegance with comfort. Use antiques to anchor your room and then mix it with modern touches of comfort. This will give a unique look to your living room. It should be elegant and at the same time, it must be comfortable.

3. TV placement:

Television set must be placed on a blank wall that is not blocking window light. If possible the TV should be mounted on the wall for a more efficient look. Otherwise, make sure you have a suitably sized TV unit to put your TV on. This is very much important because your Television set placement plays an important role to style your living room.

4. Rugs are must for styling of the living room:  

The rug is must for a stylish living room. The Rug is the foundation of a gorgeous space. They should match the size and style of the space. As per the interior designer, rugs are the soul of a living room. So be extra careful when you are going to select the rugs for your living room.

5. Display some artwork:

Artwork can really serve as the cherry on top in the living room. It’s the opportunity to showcase your interest and hobbies to the visitor. It’s about finding artwork or prints that complement the room or your personality, or both.

6. Paint your living room walls with cool colors:

The color of your living room wall can have an impact on your styling sense. The trick is to balance bright colors with strong neutrals for a look that is energetic but liveable. Add small doses such as a cushion or decorative pieces to add more charm to it.

7. Style the coffee/centre table to perfection:

The centre/coffee table is another central piece in any living zone, so it’s a great idea to style it in an eye-catching way. Consider adding fresh flowers to make it more pleasant. But don’t forget to leave some space for real life by leaving half the space clean and functional.

8. Decorate with a mixed texture:

A layered, thoughtful mix of materials and textures will give your space a luxurious look. Mix metals, glass, wood, a variety of textiles and leather items to create a lively and attractive living room.

9. Lighting your living room:

As living room has no specific purpose (unlike a kitchen or bathroom) it is important to have lighting that can sufficiently illuminate whatever activities take place there. Don’t rely on a single source of light to light your living room. Use a combination of ceiling lights, floor lamp, table lamp etc. Go for an overhead hanging lighting to add more glitter to your living room. 

10. Add indoor plants to the living room:

Indoor plants help purify the air in your home and they make a room more pleasing. Use potted plants, hanging plants to add some greenery to your living room. Go with plants that are easy to take care and that needs less care.

Follow these simple tips to make your living room more attractive and luxurious. Apart from these, there are a lot of things you can do to style your living room. If you have an idea please share it.

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