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Most of us use lip balm to keep our lip well hydrated and moisturized in dry or cold weather. If you have dry lips or if you have tended to lick your lips that cause to peeling and cracking lips so you can use lip balm every day. In the Indian market, there are different kinds of lip balm products available.In today’s post, I am reviewing a lip balm from Bio Bloom, has two or three different kinds of lip balm with strawberry, orange flavor, and mint flavor. I have been using the orange flavor lip balm since a month before the review. Let’s get into the details.

Detail Product Information:
Name:  Bio Bloom Lip Balm with Orange flavor
Price: ₹ 115/-
Quantity: 8g
Shelf life: 24 months from the date of manufacturing
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Product Claims:

Natural lip balm from BioBloom that is made out of 100% natural beeswax, is closest to Organic. This lip balm in Orange fragrance is made using natural ingredients and enriched with the fruity orange essential oil. It moisturizes and heals chapped and dry lips and also protects them from external exposure, lips being the most vulnerable because of the thin skin. This lip balm FREE from all harmful chemicals like PARABENS, SULPHATES, PETROCHEMICALS etc.

Key Ingredients:

My Experience with Bio Bloom Orange Lip Balm:

Bio Bloom Lip Balm is an orange flavored, moisturizing balm to leave lips feeling soft, smooth. It contains coconut oil, vitamin E oil, cocoa butter, Shea butter and orange oil to lock in moisture, condition, nourish and protect the delicate skin on your lips. The texture of the lip balm is smooth and creamy.  The consistency of the product is a quite thick and it gives you a bit heavy feeling during application.  The most favorite thing about this lip balm is it has a very nice orange aroma. It is not an artificial smell at all. It feels natural and very refreshing.  The smell also stays quite long on lips. The lip balm has no SPF contain so I'm using it in the afternoon and at night. It keeps my lips moisturized for 2-3 hours after fading away. 

I have dry and chapped lips but since I started using this lip balm every night before bed my lips are fully healed. This is one of my favorite lip product, especially during the winter. Even this balm can be used for every season.

The packaging is really cute. Due to the tiny size and tight cap, it can be easily carried around in a bag. But pot type packaging I don't really like, having to get the product on my finger and then my lips mainly during traveling that is totally unhygienic.

Pros of Bio Bloom Orange Lip Balm:

  • Gives a soft feel immediately after application
  • It gives a slightly glossy finish to the lips
  • A small quantity is required for each use
  • Repairs dry lips 
  • Presence of natural ingredients
  • Packaging is sturdy and travel-friendly
  • Petrochemical & LLP Free
  • Paraben-Free & Synthetic Fragrance-Free

Cons of Bio Bloom Orange Lip Balm:

  • It has no SPF contain
  • Not a good choice for daytime traveling or if you are planning to go beach 
  • Needs to be applied every 2 hours
  • Pot packaging is totally unhygienic and they have no other alternative option 

Overall, I'm pretty happy with this Bio Bloom Orange Lip Balm. To be honest the results are quite expressive for dry lips. Bio-Bloom Orange Lip Balm which is made by blending orange Essential Oil with Beeswax and Olive Oil. Which make my dry chapped lips feel soft and supple and it gives a slightly glossy finish to the lips. The price is amazing for the amount of product you get, and it can last you a long time. This is a good product for the winter time. I would totally recommend to anybody who just wants more moisture on their lips during this dry weather.

Have you tried the Bio Bloom Lip Balm? Do you prefer lip balms in a pot or twist up type of packaging?

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