Review - Mamaearth Natural Lip Balm for Mama, Papa and Baby

I've been looking for a lip balm for my boy that is safe and doesn’t contain many harmful ingredients. Actually, he demands using lip balm after seeing me using a lipstick or lip balm. Not only that last winter I've noticed that dry and cold weather made his lip dry and chapped lips. It is really difficult to find right products that are safe for toddlers. Finally, I'm happy that I received a set of three lip balms for my whole family (Mama, Papa, and Baby ) that is safe to use and is made of only natural ingredients. 

Detail Product Information:
Name: Mamaearth Natural Lip Balm for Mama, Papa, and Baby
Price: ₹ 299/-
Quantity: Set of 3 Lip Balm Sticks
Shelf life: 36 months from the date of manufacturing
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What Mamaearth Natural Lip Balm Claims:

Hi! I am mamaearth's hypoallergenic petroleum base free non-toxic moisturizing lip balm. I have non-irritating all natural ingredients for infants as well as for parents with no additives and mineral oil. I have the buttery richness of cocoa butter and shea butter with Vitamin E moisturizes and protects dry, chapped lips against harsh weather. Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, and Calendula Oil in me nourishes and protects dry, chapped lips by restoring moisture. I am MadeSafe Certified and Dermatologically Tested with no paraffin wax, mineral oil, silicones, dyes, petrolatum, and SLS.

Key Feature of Mamaearth Natural Lip Balm:

  • Moisturizes lips and keeps them soft
  • Stimulates healing process
  • Paraben and chemical free
  • Dermatologically tested

Ingredients of Mamaearth Natural Lip Balm:

Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Calendula, Vitamin E, Olive Oil

My Experience with Mamaearth Natural Lip Balm:

I have been using this lip balm almost on a daily basis for the past two weeks. Mamaearth Natural Lip Balm is the moisturizing balm to leave lips feeling soft, smooth. It contains Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Calendula, Vitamin E, Olive Oil to lock in moisture, condition, nourish and protect the delicate skin on your lips and your babies lips too.   


All three lip balms have come in a usual twist up stick which looks really cute. Due to the tiny size, lip balms can be easily carried around in a bag.  


The texture of the three lip balm is smooth and creamy.  The consistency of the mama lip balm is quite thicker than the other two lip balms and it gives you a bit heavy feeling during application. The other two lip balms are relatively light on the lips.

These are totally natural lip balms with no artificial color. Mamaearth Natural Lip Balm itself is white in color and goes on transparent on lips.


No Artificial Fragrance.

Mama Earth Natural Lip balm for Papa:

This lip balm packed with Vitamin and natural oils like Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil etc. Oils make the lips soft, smooth and supple. Some other hydrating and moisturizing properties like shea butter, cocoa butter protects lips by stimulating the healing process.

Mama Earth Natural Lip balm for Mama:

Coconut Oil, castor oil and Strawberry are the main ingredients of this lip balm.  Coconut oil makes the lips soft, smooth and supple where castor oil moisturizes, nourish the lips. Strawberry provides brightness to the lips.

Mama Earth Natural Lip balm for Baby:

This lip balm enriched with Coconut oil, Olive oil, Calendula extract, Orange essential oil, Vitamin E. So you can imagine how safe it is for the kids.

The most favorite thing about these lip balms that there is no artificial smell at all. It feels very natural on lips. These are the lip balms for dry lips. You can use it in winter and all other seasons if you feel dry lips. It is made of 100% natural and other natural skin moisturizing ingredients. These elements just keep the lips soft and smooth. These lip balms keep lips moisturized for 2-3 hours after fading away. Apply the balm as often as you need. Especially in cold, windy or dry weather; coat your lips with this Natural Lip Balm.

Pros of Mamaearth Natural Lip Balm 

  • Gives a soft feel immediately after application
  • The balms are hydrating, without being greasy
  • A small quantity is required for each use
  • Repairs dry lips 
  • Heals dry, chapped lips
  • It treats the chapped or cracked lips safely
  • Makes lips soft and supple
  • Safe for kids
  • Presence of natural ingredients
  • Simple convenient packaging with twist-up tube
  • Non-sticky texture
  • 100% Naturally
  • Clinically tested, Hypoallergenic and Fragrance-free (Natural flower extracts for fragrance)
  • Paraben-Free & Synthetic Fragrance-Free

Cons of Mamaearth Natural Lip Balm 

  • It has no SPF contain

Overall Mamaearth Natural Lip Balm for Mama, Papa, and Baby are 100% Natural Lip Balm. These are lip balms for them who want simply healthy, moisturized, nourished, and supple lips in all seasons. I will tell you that if you want a lip balm for your family that you can use either in summer to keep your lips soft or in winter to protect your lips from drying or chapping out, you can easily pick up Mamaearth Natural Lip Balm for your family.

Disclaimer: Product sent by brand but all opinions are my own.

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Review - Mamaearth Natural Lip Balm for Mama, Papa and Baby Review - Mamaearth Natural Lip Balm for Mama, Papa and Baby Reviewed by Anamikadbn on December 21, 2017 Rating: 5


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