A Heritage Experience at Siliserh Lake Palace (Rajasthan)

Can you imagine you are sipping a cup of special coffee sitting on the balcony of a heritage palace surrounded by hills and water bodies which was built by some Maharaja in 1845?  Yes, this was a great experience for me when we have visited Siliserh Lake Palace at Alwar of Rajasthan. In a single word, it’s really amazing. This hunting lodge was built by Maharaja Vinay Singh for his queen Shila in the mid of a forest and hills. It has been converted into a tourist bungalow by Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation. The lake has plenty of fish and crocodiles. Many types of water birds can also be seen. 

Best time to visit:
Best Time to visit Siliserh is from July to March, Lake Palace also has a platform in the middle of the lake to organize theme parties & dinner in the middle of the lake. During the summer season, it’s very much hot and humid. 

Siliserh Lake Palace is 14km from Alwar railway station. Alwar is an important railway station between Delhi and Jaipur. The distance from Delhi to Alwar is 163km whereas from Jaipur it is 165km. So basically it is the midpoint between Delhi and Jaipur. 

How to reach:
If you are going by train then there are many options Delhi. It is only 163km and hardly will it take 3hrs to reach Alwar. New Delhi Ajmer Shatabdi Express (New Delhi depart time 6.05Am and arrival at Alwar at 8.40AM), Ranikhet Express, Rajasthan Sampark Kranti Express, and much more are the option to go to Alwar from Delhi.

You can also go by your car also. The main road is in very good condition, its six-lane Jaipur Highway till Dharuheda and then take a left turn towards Bhiwadi. District Alwar starts from here. The entire route if full of typical Highway Resorts and Desi Dhabas to sit and relax for some time.

What to see:
1. Just sit and enjoy. Best place for weekend relaxation. The lake itself and the palace is really beautiful with hills around it. There is a boating facility in the lake which is worth the 15 min ride they give. The lake isn't very crowded and is a decent place to go and pay a visit. Watch the sunset from the lake for an exceptionally beautiful view. A moonlit night in the lake is excellent. To enjoy the lake and observe the silence of the lake in the night a stay in the RTDC Siliserh Lake Palace is a must. In a cloudy weather, this place can be so relaxing. Please keep in mind to opt for a room at top floor as on the lower floors there is a lot of movement of local public, but then after about 6-7 pm, this place is wonderful, cool breeze during summers, open terrace, food is inclusive in the room rent and they serve nice food also. 

Just have a look at the snaps which I have taken. It is really an awesome place to spend a night.

 2. Visit Sariska Reserve and national park. Sariska is only about 40km from here. Like most wildlife sanctuaries, it is only luck that will let you find a rare animal. It is impossible for guides to know where a tiger is for sure, considering that there are only 14 of them and the guided tour is only open to 20% of the enclosure. You will, however, get to see Crocodiles, Spotted deer, Monkeys, peacocks, and languors. Spotting a cheetah, leopard or a tiger is rare and difficult. The evening spot is the best since most of the animals come out to lakes and ponds for a drink and it is also more comfortable for you, the tourist. The park has two slots, 6 am and 2 pm and each tour last for 2.5-3 hours. Tickets can be purchased one hour before the start of the tour time, go early during peak season since tickets are limited.

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A Heritage Experience at Siliserh Lake Palace (Rajasthan) A Heritage Experience at Siliserh Lake Palace (Rajasthan) Reviewed by Anamikadbn on January 12, 2018 Rating: 5

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  1. Thanks for this post. My Father-in-law is from Alwar and m sure he will like it very much when i ask him to plan a trip to his native place. This is really exciting :)

    Rashi Mital
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