Pre and Post Skin and Hair Care Tips for Holi

Holi is also known as the Festival of colors in India,  perhaps the happiest and most colorful religious festival of the Hindus. We officially welcome the Spring through this festival. So,  the festival of colors is knocking at our doorsteps. I'm sure  that all of you have prepared for Holi but make sure to follow these Holi skin and hair care tips before the color game begins. Because these days there are different types of cheap and synthetic colours available that made from chemicals and other artificial dyes. Which can causes seriou damage to the skin and and. So prevention is better than cure.

Dr. Amit Karkhanis, a medical cosmetologist is the Founder of the well-known Dr.Tvacha Clinic, shares tips to protect your skin and hair this Holi by using some very easily available ingredients which are already in your beauty cabinet.

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Tips to take care of your skin and hair before playing Holi.


v  Apply almond oil or coconut oil on your entire body before you step out to play Holi this year. These oils not only form a physical barrier between the harmful colours used and your skin but also act as a moisturiser and an anti-inflammatory, prevent sun damage and contain vitamins A, B and E which help nourish your skin.
v  Use a good sunscreen with an SPF factor of at least 40, half an hour before leaving the house.
v  The colours used during holi can dry up your skin, resulting in deeper penetration of the same, so try and keep yourself hydrated with the help of water, juices, etc.
v  In addition to basic skin care, coating your lips with either vaseline or a good lip balm is just as important.


v  Applying coconut oil and massaging it well into the scalp can be beneficial as it forms a barrier between the Holi colours and your hair, thus preventing damage.
v  If you don’t feel comfortable coating your hair/scalp with oil, using a good hair serum can also be helpful - A couple of pumps of the serum on your palm followed by an even application throughout.
v  If you have long hair, try braiding it or tying it into a bun to prevent total exposure.
v  Covering your head with a cap or a bandana can also be a form of physical barrier and will help protect your scalp.
Tips to take care of the skin and hair after Holi.


v  Rinse your face with water and then use a few drops of a cleansing agent on a cotton pad to thoroughly cleanse your skin of the colours.
v  The Holi colours cause dehydration of the skin. Therefore, post a shower, pat dry yourself with a towel and immediately apply a moisturiser. Rubbing your skin with a towel to dry it off can cause skin irritation while pat drying the skin allows you to seal the moisture in, preventing further dryness and cracking of your skin.
v  Try to avoid or minimise sun exposure for the next 24-48 hours. If unavoidable, make sure you apply a sunscreen before stepping out as protection against the harmful UV rays.


What I usually did Just after holi, first rinse my hair with lukuwarm water this will help to wash off the maxmium color easily. Then I use a mild shampoo and conditioner while washing the colors off my hair. After that I appliedt a home made mask on my hair. That will repaired my damaged hair very nice and my hair become smooth, shiny and soft. You can also check few of my hair mask here that will really helps. 

Follow these awesome tips and enjoy this Holi!

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