Skin and Hair Care Tips For Holi Festival 2018


If ‘Prevention is better than Cure’, this is the time you put it into practice. Dr. Anup Dhir, senior cosmetic surgeon, Apollo Hospital explains why you must take extra care of your skin before you venture out into the pool of colors. “Harsh chemicals present in colors used in Holi can cause itching and rashes which can lead to eczemas upon scratching. Dry skin leaves a lot of scope for these harmful chemicals as the skin layer allows the color to penetrate easily,"

Ensure you

  • Wear clothes that can cover maximum part of your body so as to prevent exposing your skin to colors and chemicals. Preferably, wear a full sleeves shirt and full-length jeans.
  • Apply a thick layer of a good quality cream or oil to your skin, especially on the exposed parts, including the face and hands.  
  • While playing Holi, use more of red or pink colors, which can easily be taken off with a cleanser and does not require deep scrubbing. Moreover, dark colors including gaudy purple, green, black, deep brown have more harmful chemicals in them and should be avoided.
  • In case, while playing Holi, you sense some kind of irritation on your skin, immediately wash off color from that part of the body and apply soothing calamine lotion or a cold cream.
  • Apply sunscreen if you intend to play Holi outside in the sun
  • Vaseline should be put under nails and soles, elbows and other dry areas of the body.


Now all the care and love you keep showering on your hair the year throughout cannot be allowed to just wither away on the day of enjoyment right? But too much of color on your hair can be the worst for your hair as these can turn them dry and brittle and can even increase hair breakage.

Though no serious damage is done to the roots or scalp, the hair begins to break, due to the excessive colors used. It happens due to the harmful chemicals and dyes used in the colors and the dust present outside.
Hence, it is important to
  • Oil your hair before you start meddling up with colors. This will ensure that the color does not stay in your hair for too long and will come out easily when washed.
  • Wash your hair as soon as you are done with the colorful extravaganza! This is because, leaving color in your hair for long, is only going to worsen its texture.
  • The best is to wear a hat or a cap to protect your hair before you let colors get the better of you.  

When the colors have dried

How do you get rid of the entire color, to be able to go office, spic and span the next day?
  • Yes, getting your skin and hair rid of all color is important, but it doesn’t mean getting every spec of color out to remove any witnesses of ever knowing something called Holi. Go slow, and know it’s perfectly okay, to let some color remain, if it does, your office will understand and not be harsh on your skin.
  • Never ever use kerosene, petrol, spirits, and other such things to get the color out of your body. These will not only further dry the skin but also spoil the complexion and skin texture.
  • Don’t use soap to wash your face, opt for a cleanser and follow it up with lots of moisturizers or cold cream.
  • Wash your hair, first with water and let all the color goes away, after which apply a branded shampoo and rinse with a conditioner. Conditioning becomes all the more important as the colors can make the texture dry.

A way to rejuvenate your skin after Holi 

Besan and milk: After you wash your face and cleanse it of color with a cleanser, dab it dry, apply a moisturizer and let it remain. After about an hour or so, take a mixture of besan, haldi, and cream and gently massage apply it on the face. Keep it for ten minutes after the massage and rinse. This will be therapeutic and will restore your original skin texture, and you would get an instant glow and will make your skin shine!

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