Rings: How to Buy the Appropriate Style by Relationship

There are several events in life, where gifting a ring is a good idea. When you are choosing what style to buy, think about the relationship to the lady you are buying for. Different style of rings are better for different types of relationships.


Whether it is a birthday or special occasions like Mother’s Day or graduation, a ring can still be an appropriate gift. The style and weight of the gemstone are important.

For a mother, sister, or daughter, a 3-carat diamond solitaire ring, isn’t really appropriate. This is more of an engagement ring. For this relationship, you can safely choose birthstone, colored gems, or smaller diamonds.

Clusters of stones are better for this relationship than a solitaire. Ring designs that are flowers, butterflies, or hearts are perfect.

Birthstones are a great option for smaller girls and mothers. Birthstones are on the inexpensive side, which makes it a perfect option for someone new to jewelry. For mothers, they are a great way to represent their children.

If you are gifting a ring to a daughter or sister for high school or college graduation or a significant birthday, like a sweet sixteen, a diamond ring is appropriate. The gemstone you choose, whether a white or colored diamond is based on the personality of the lady you are gifting. White diamonds are classic and pink or yellow diamonds are fun.

 Friend Zone

Diamonds for friends can be a bit risky and should be carefully chosen. If you are wanting to stay strictly in the friend zone, do not choose a solitaire ring. That screams commitment, which is not what you want to say. Colored stones and gems are your best bet. This ring should follow the design of the relationships above. Overall, a ring is still a risky gift. Earrings or a bracelet may be a better option.


If you are in a serious relationship and are ready to get engaged, there are special guidelines for this.

For an engagement ring, size matters. You may hear it doesn't, but it does. This is the ring she is going to wear the rest of her life. Rings that are one carat and up are appropriate. If budget is important or limited. Multiple diamonds, made of smaller diamonds is your best bet. Larger, solitaire diamonds are more expensive.

If you choose a cluster of smaller diamonds, do not choose a design with an image. Things like hearts and butterflies are not appropriate for engagement.

As far as the color, white diamonds are always classic. Celebrities have made other colors, like yellow and pink, popular. Be careful choosing these options because they are a bit trendy. The color you choose will depend on what she likes.

When gift buying, rings can be a bit tricky. If the gift isn't for someone you are in a serious relationship, there are styles that are very inappropriate. Think about your relationship, and what you want this ring to say. Consider the color and weight before you purchase it.

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  1. This was nice to know, never knew there were different styles I just thought rings were rings except engagement rings.

  2. Thank you for giving us an insight into this, because you have simply made it easier for some of us, when making a decision concerning this special purchase on rings.

  3. I was never picky about my ring. When my husband gave me an engagement ring, I think it was like $200 since we didn't have a lot of money. I think it's the thought that counts!

  4. how informative is this! a surely great reference for gift giving and having a sincere and valuable meaning!

  5. Really interesting post. Lots to know about picking out out a good diamond. I picked quality over size. But I still liked a good size. It is a balance.

  6. These are great tips for people planning to buy rings for their loved ones. I think it's important to think about the style or design of the ring before you buy one.

  7. I was blessed and my hubby let me pick mine out. We started small, and I can trade up when I’m ready. I would love a birthstone ting for my babies now, though.

  8. Great post. So much to consider when purchasing a ring. Specially since it's an investment.

  9. Oh ring shopping; what a joy. There is a lot to consider when buying the right ring.

  10. This is such a cool perspecive on rings. These are all wonderful tips when you are plannng on buying something special like a ring to a loved one. this is a great reference. thanks.!

  11. Shopping for diamonds are the best, especially for your first diamond ring. It's like "yeah you made it!" and bought it for yourself and not someone gave it to you. It's power :D

  12. I had no idea! It's interesting that there are different styles for any taste!

  13. This is such a helpful guide, and its useful for both men and women! My sisters and I purchased a ring for our mother as a Christmas gift last year, and I was shocked at how few options there are for just a simple love or friendship ring. Everywhere we went, we saw a ton of wedding sets though. I love your idea of ring designs like flowers, etc.

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