D.I.Y Face and Body Scrubs for Each Skin Type

There are many products we tend to leave to the scientists to make and test, however scrubs are one thing that you can safely make and use at home to exfoliate your skin and reveal the glowing, soft, supple, fresh skin underneath. Just like with any other products, the type of scrub you use should depend on your skin type as different skin types need different things from their products. As with any exfoliator, it is always best to follow up with a moisturizer to replenish the skin of its moisture and protect the new skin from being damaged. Even if you have normal skin, the new skin underneath the layers of dead skin cells will be more sensitive as it won’t have the dead skin on top of it anymore. This is why it is important to have good sun protection after exfoliating, especially on your face.

Sensitive Skin

A brown sugar, argan oil, and honey scrub. Brown sugar is gentler on the skin that granulated white sugar, making it a good exfoliator for individuals with delicate and easily irritated skin. Argan oil is gentle, fragrance-free, and moisturizing, which will make the skin feel soft and supple. It also acts a protective barrier and lubricant to your skin so that the sugar doesn’t irritate the skin, without inhibiting its exfoliation ability. Honey is good at healing as well as gently cleansing the skin. Always aim to use raw honey as this has much more of the beneficial properties contained in it than the processed honey you can buy in the good ol’ bear jars. Together this scrub will gently cleanse and loosen up the dead skin and any debris, meaning when you rinse it away, it easily takes all the dead skin and debris without trouble. To make it is very simple, there are only two steps. Step one, combine a ratio of 4:1:2. Four parts sugar, one part oil, and two parts honey. For example, for enough scrub to do your face, arms, and legs, it would be four tablespoons sugar, one tablespoon oil, and two tablespoons, honey. Step two, mix. That’s it, you have an effective scrub for sensitive skin.

Normal Skin

A white sugar, olive oil, and honey scrub. White sugar is slightly rougher than brown sugar, meaning it can exfoliate a bit more thoroughly than the brown sugar can, but it is still gentle enough to not overly irritate the skin. Olive oil is full of vitamin E, which is fantastic for healing the skin and the moisture from the oil will give the skin a glowy, dewy appearance directly after use. Honey is a gentle cleanser and helps to heal the skin. Combined these ingredients are a little more intensive to give you the best results but still should not irritate the skin. This scrub has the same proportions and directions for making it as the one above. 

Oily Skin

A white sugar, milk, and honey scrub. We’ve already discussed why the white sugar and honey are beneficial ingredients to include in a skin scrub, but many people are reading this very confused. Milk? Yes, milk. Here’s why. Milk has a component in it called lactic acid. This can be used as a very gentle chemical exfoliant. The milk is a liquid so it will provide a level of protection and lubrication to the skin without adding any excess oil to it, as that is something individuals with oily skin tend to try to avoid. It will give a fantastic exfoliation without drying out the skin or making it more oily. The directions for making it remain the same. Combine then mix together well. The ratio of ingredients should be 6:2:2. Those who have acne prone skin often also have oily skin, removing the oil and dead skin from this skin type is very important. Learn more about facing acne.

Body Scrub for Most Skin Types- (not for very sensitive skin) Coffee grounds, olive oil, and honey scrub. Coffee grounds are very good for use in exfoliators. The caffeine in the coffee improves blood flow making it a good choice for those with cellulite. The olive oil will soften and protect the skin while the honey cleanses and heals. The directions are the same as with all of the above scrubs, and the ratio of ingredients should be 3:1:1. Keep in mind that coffee grounds are not water soluble so rinse down the drain at your own risk. It is a better option to not rinse down the drain, but rather rinse off in a bath, then clean the bathtub, however many people have no issues running them down the drain. The choice is yours.

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  1. Amazing post :) I mostly use ready-made scrubs but these diys sound so easy and effective!!


  2. Thanks for sharing with us those amazing scrub recipes for sensitive skin. Which one is your favorite? I'd like to try one of them tomorrow. I've used several facial masks listed in this article http://www.agsinger.com/how-to-get-glowing-skin-naturally-household-beauty-tips-for-face/ and all of them worked pretty well. I may say that a mix of oatmeal and honey is the best possible combination ever.