Mother Sparsh New Fragrance Free 99% Premium Water Wipes for Sensitive Skin

Mother Sparsh's New Fragrance-Free Premium Baby Wipes for Sensitive Skin

Mother Sparsh, one of India’s best and trusted wipes brands, has recently launched another range of water-based baby wipes that contains 99% water and which are absolutely designed for babies sensitive skin.

Detail Product Information:
Name: Mother Sparsh's New Fragrance-Free 99% Premium Water Wipes for Sensitive Skin 
Price: ₹ 299/-
Quantity:  72 wipes
Shelf life: 24 months from the date of manufacturing
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What Mother Sparsh's New Fragrance-Free 99%Fragrance-Free Wipes for Sensitive Skin Claims:

Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are formulated specifically for the super soft and delicate skin of your baby. The presence of 99% pure water & natural plant fabric makes Mother Sparsh baby wipes as good as cotton & water. The skin-friendly natural fabric is velvet soft, cleans well and provides very safe and effective cleansing. These wipes are dermatologically tested which makes them very effective in preventing allergy, redness & rashes in little ones. Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are 100% biodegradable which makes them environment-friendly too.

Ingredients of Mother Sparsh's New Fragrance-Free 99% Premium Water Wipes for Sensitive Skin:

Mother Sparsh's new wipes are made with 99% pure water. The key ingredients of these wipers are Purified Water, Aloe Vera extract, Calendula Extract and Jojoba oil that is absolutely safe for babies delicate skin. Additionally, they're fragrance-free, alcohol & Parabens free which prevent drying out baby's skin and any resultant skin issues, plus pediatrician approved, hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

My Opinion with Mother Sparsh's New Fragrance-Free 99% Premium Water Wipes for Sensitive Skin:

Before buying baby wipes it’s really very important to carefully read the label and know exactly what goes in our baby wipes because I’m sure you all mom would agree with me that baby wipes is the most frequent product that we use on our babies delicate skin. So we should invest in good quality products to ensure our baby’s safety. And I think we can invest in Mother Sparsh's New Fragrance-Free 99% Premium Water Wipes. 


Mother Sparsh in its new wipes package is designed as a flip-top container which ensures that each wipe comes out open and ready to use on any part of your baby's delicate skin while remaining moist and fresh when the lid is closed. 

Fabric / Material:

Mother Sparsh has crafted these super soft wipes from plant-based fabric so these wipes feel very gentle to provide the utmost care for your little one. I'm using this super soft wipe for cleaning my baby's (she is now 6 months old) hands and mouth. These soothing wipes are naturally derived and made with 99% water ingredients. No doubt this material of this wipe is absolutely safe for babies delicate and sensitive skin. 

Size & Thickness:

Mother Sparsh Premium Baby Wipes which are 3 times extra thicker than ordinary wipes. So they're strong and one wipe easily does the needful. It sized at 15cm x 20cm that is quite good enough for uses. They are safe for sensitive babies as they are hypoallergenic and help restore a healthy balance to pH levels.


Baby is born with very sensitive skin. Sometimes it is seen that baby skin tends to get allergic to fragrance. So I personally prefer unscented and fragrance-free products for my both kids. The newly introduced baby wipes by Mother Sparsh that are fragrance-free. Each wipe is fragrance-free and infused with soothing aloe extract to provide your baby with a comfortable clean. 

What I love about Mother Sparsh New Fragrance-Free 99% Premium Water Wipes

  1. It has a gentle, alcohol-free formula that is safe even for newborn babies.
  2. It is unscented. It doesn’t contain perfume. 
  3. It has skin-loving ingredients.
  4. It has a soft, cloth-like texture that thoroughly cleanses and is not rough on baby’s skin.
  5. It is very durable and doesn’t tear easily.
  6. It refreshes while cleansing.
  7. It’s ideal for easy clean-up of the hands and face.

As a mother, I am highly satisfied with the product. These 100% plant-based wipes are best for babies' delicate skin and wipes are a great choice for all your needs, whether you’re welcoming a new member into your family or you are heading a toddler. 

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