What to Wear This Spring 2019 ll 5 Outfits

What to Wear This Spring 2019 // 5 Outfits 

I’m ready to shed my winter coats and pull out the spring appeal at last. Winter lasted too long this year, isn’t it? Spring 2019, I’m obsessing over bright colors, floral prints, and gorgeous gold jewelry the most.

While it’s technically been spring for a few weeks now, the temperature here is still a bit chilly. But with temperatures starting to raise it’s your perfect excuse to start shopping for spring outfits. From pastels to bright colors, to the perfect accessories you just can’t go wrong this year. I have outlined 5 spring ready outfits trends below to make your fashion statement complete for spring.

Side Stripe Trousers
Racing stripes aren’t just for cars and racing. According to the spring style set, they’re also for amazing pants. Perfect for power walking from one fashion show to the next, side-striped trousers were spotted on the streets this month a lot. Be sure to try a pair for yourself this season for a look that’s both stylish and flattering as well as eye-catching. The statement trousers, which boast a leg-lengthening effect, look best in dark shades with a bold side stripe. All you need to do is pick your ideal style, whether it can be cigarette pants, straight-leg trousers or even jeans.

Upsized Dots

Spring style was undoubtedly louder, brighter, and bolder for the spring season. Even the simple polka dot was enlarged to great proportions. Whether it was on a top, dress or pants, these upsized dots instantly became the focus of each and every outfit. Most often spotted in a traditional monochromatic design, these style dots added plenty of fun to looks while maintaining a sleek aesthetic.

Velvet Pants

Excess and velvet go hand in hand, isn’t it? So it’s no surprise that the luxurious fabric was a regular feature during this Fashion Month or season. Spotted on wide-leg and flared pants, the material provided outfits with a decadent and glamorous touch to all. Of course, it was not just the texture of these velvet pants that made them a standout style. Striking colors also helped these trousers become a top and new trend to try. To rock the look yourself, partner a pair of velvet pants with a super simple sweater or t-shirt for an outstanding daytime ensemble scene.

Bold Stripes

Subtle and minimal were two words that the spring style set shunned this season. Instead, they embraced with loud and maximal, as was displayed by their choice of striped garments. These stripy styles, which are featured with thick lines with intense colors, were daring and chic. A dress, top, skirt, or pants, these items were all eye-catching and almost mesmerizing to everyone. To add even more intensity, several spring style stars also opted to include metallic accessories with their stripes.

Balloon Sleeves

The fashion industry has favored statement sleeves for a while now and it looks like they are set to continue with its preference for big, bold, and unique arms. This season, it’s all about the balloon sleeve yes. Similar to last season’s bishop sleeves tops, the balloon sleeve is a rounded style with a tight, fitted cuff. Due to its unusual shape, this sleeve style instantly draws attention and becomes a standout feature for any outfit as well. 
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