Sunnies are one of my favorite accessories even who do not like? Not only do they protect our eyes from the sun, but they can also transform even the simplest of outfits as well. They can be glamorous, casual or even sporty chic also. As with any accessory, the best fit comes down to proportions as well. Are you looking for streamline a wider forehead, or perhaps soften an angular jawline? Choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses is not different than showing off a fabulous hat or picking the best shoes for your favorite outfit. If they don't fit then you will always feel uncomfortable the good news is that there's always a style for everyone.

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Heart Shaped

Heart-shaped faces feature narrow jawlines and as well as broad foreheads. If your face is heart-shaped, be on the lookout for frames that are slightly wider on the top side. Some styles of sunglasses for a heart-shaped face include a fabulous pair of cats-eye sunnies or any rounded style. Both of these add width to the bottom of your face, balancing it in or out. A super chic pair of aviators will always look great too.


The oval head shape is perfect for almost every style of sunglasses aside any oval shape of course. The best styles that I recommend for an oval face shape are structured sunglasses, mainly because the contrast will be the most flattering out of all of the options we have. Something along the lines of a wayfarer or a club master would be great, but you could also go for rectangular options as well.


A strong, defined jawline makes a face look more squarish. If you have a strong jawline, that is not pointed, then you have a square face shape. A square-faced shape results in a wider face shape, which is typically great for wider frames too. The key thing to picking sunnies for a square-shaped face is to contrast it with a circular frame shape. Even though circular frames would be the best pick absolutely, don’t be afraid of trying a curved edge square frame. Circular Aviators are another style that would be perfect but do stay away from any square aviators as it will not suit you (my opinion).


If your jaw-line and forehead are proportionate, then it is likely that you have a round shaped face. Look for angular sunnies. You can also opt for an over-sized pair for an extra glamorous look right? If you’re looking for sunglasses for round faces, have a look at my suggestions. By the soft features with slightly wider with cheekbones and an equally wide forehead and jaw, round faces will look absolutely great in a rectangle, D-frame, or squared-off cat eye sunnies. The streamlined styling and sharp angles of these sunglasses help balance and add definition to your curved facial features too.

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