Gorgeous tweed and boucle fabrics - Step into the high-end fashion

Nothing is as classy and iconic as it is to wear a jacket, skirts, dress made of a gorgeous legendary embroidered fabric which is none other than tweed and boucle fabrics. The yarn of these fabrics and its disposition in the fitted dresses are considered to have created magic besides being supple and comfortable wear.

Boule is a yarn a, available basically in many colors. A tweed and boucle fabrics are basically inter-wined with wool and cotton n classic combinations of white and black. These fabrics on jackets or as skirts look impeccable and classy. These fabrics appear to be a perfect option as a casual suit or evening attire.

Sewing your favorite jacket or skirt in tweed and boucle fabrics can be a huge investment of time and energy and estimates to about 80 to 90 hours of traditional tailoring techniques. Thus the time invested will be worth the wait as the embroidered fabric will fit your body like a glove.

But there are always few things to keep in mind while stitching on such fabrics. These are as below:

a. Patterns

The fabric being inspired by men’s wear, iconic tweed and boucle fabric pattern are suited from sportswear to suits and coats. The trend in yester years spread like a wild fire, igniting the spark and thus becoming popular in couture houses in Paris. This pattern was then combined with classic tweeds like silk, cotton and even cellophanes giving the high-end fashion a better, lighter weight style.

b. Fabrics and trim

In case of Chanel-style jackets, a gorgeous tweed or boucle would be a better choice. But there are other fabrics that can add weight and texture like wool or wool blend, linen, twill, and brocade. For lining of the fabric, silk charmeuse or crepe de chine are excellent options. The reason is lining plays an important role in your jacket’s design. A contrasting lining somewhat could mar the whole design and make it look subdued.

Trim and button are some of the most important things to e noted as its necessary to look contrasting.

c. Techniques

The more the sewing time, better is the look of the design. Either go for the full couture sewing experience or try and pick or choose techniques that would make your dress or jacket to be a great source of inspiration. You can also add traditional sewing techniques that would help in giving extra details. Give 1’’ inches seam inside the jacket to avoid it being shoved into the backside of the closet.

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