Tips To Keep Your Baby and Toddler Healthy In Monsoon

Tips To Keep Your Baby and Toddler Healthy In Monsoon
Monsoon can be a break from the heat but monsoons should be enjoyed with caution. Monsoon is the season of unprecedented disease pattern and this is the time when your baby or toddler can become prone to various kind of infections. 

Thus, below given are some of the best tips and tricks to keep your baby and toddler healthy in monsoon – 
1.    Fresh hot food
Typhoid is quite common in monsoon season. The diet should be balanced and filled with nutrients and vitamins and minerals. Avoid raw foods like salad and eggs. And even if you consume them should be freshly cut or freshly prepared. Make a point to wash the fruits and vegetables in water. Make sure that your diet contains an adequate amount of vitamin C too. 

2.    Use Appropriate clothes and footwear
Monsoon is the time when your clothes and footwear play a major role. Make sure that you wear breathable fabric and dress up your baby or toddler in similar breathable fabric like cotton. Footwears should be closed but airy as well. Crocs are one of the most comfortable footwear for babies and toddlers. 
3.    Make your home mosquito Proof

Make sure that your home is mosquito proof. Ensure that you keep your drains clean and free of waterlogging. Plus, keep the doors closed at the waterlogged areas and ensure that your house is clutter-free. If your toddler is going out to play then apply a mosquito repellant lotion which is meant for the baby. 
4.    Avoid Nail Biting
Nail-biting is something which attracts lots of dirt and infections. Thus, stay away from nail-biting especially in monsoon season. This will ensure that nails don’t get into your food or directly to your baby’s tummy. 
5.    Room Clean and dry
Make sure that your child’s room is clean and dry. Also, do use a temperature controller if you want to keep your child’s room disease-free. Controlling the temperature is very important to keep your babies room germ free. 
6.    Washing hands
Washing hands are very important. It helps to keep your child germ free and also ensure that there are no dirt or any other residue on your body. 

7.    Personal Hygiene
Personal hygiene is very important when it comes to monsoon. Thus, make sure that your baby’s clothes are dry and they should be well dried in sunlight. 
8.    Keep a check on stomach issues
Stomach issues are very important. And in monsoon season you must make sure that you eat foods which are light and low on species. Also, have such items which are healthy and good in terms of nutrient value. 
9.    Keep a check on allergies
Allergies are very important when it comes to skin issues of a child. So, make sure that you keep a close check on the skin and stomach and even sometimes inside the mouth too. 
10.    Earthen vessels
These days silver and copper vessels are being used largely. And this is not because this is the latest fashion. But storing water in such vessels are highly advisable and it also helps to keep the water germ free. 
Above given are some of the simple and sure shot ways to keep your child and baby safe in the monsoon season. Let us know if you are aware of any more tips and tricks in the comments down below. 

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