Women are usually fickle-minded and don’t prefer to stick to any particular aspect of fashion. Change is the only constant and it brings a lot of fun and frolic to the table. That’s why women love pairing their favorite pair of jhumka with ethnic wear.

Jhumkas are a type of earring that looks like a cone i.e. they start from a pointed point and gets broadened towards the lower end. They are usually very casual and goes easily with ethnic wear. The best thing about them is the fact that they go smoothly with daily as well as occasional wear. If you love them enough to include them in your outfit daily, then go for a pair of cute jhumkis to complete your look.

A smaller version of jhumaks are jhumkis. They are smaller in size and well suited for everyday wear. Their size ranges from their earlobes to two inches (maximum) below. They need not necessarily be gold jhumkis, you can find multiple jhumki gold designs in this aspect.

This wedding season, don’t feel shy to put on jhumkas for every wedding you are invited to. Jhumka gold designs can be either simples ones in gold or studded.

When we are talking about simple gold designs, they can either be a heavy solid design or a hollow design that keeps the design light. An all gold design looks quite plain but if you wish to wear the same on your or your besties wedding, go for something with an antique finish. It adds a mysterious finish to the jewelry. However, if you are confident, you can also adorn yourself in the traditional yellow-colored gold jhumka for your special.

Apart from simple gold jhumka designs, studded designs are very much in vogue. Go with selective gemstone studying for jewelry that you want to keep as gold as possible. Otherwise, you can wear a studded gemstone jhumka to complement your simple attire. You can either have it studded with precious stone (like ruby, emerald or sapphire). Otherwise, go for colored stones to keep the ornament in the budget.

You can also choose an antique finish and white-colored stones on your jhumka to make things a bit more dramatic. White stones for such jewelry are Kundan or uncut diamonds. Kundan stones are the most famous gemstones in wedding jewelry while uncut diamonds are just white stones without the shine of a diamond.

Cut diamond (or the usual diamonds) also come within jhumkas. They make quite a starry appearance and is a sight to behold. If you are dressing up for a special someone’s party, don’t shy away from adding you diamond jhumkas to your look. Be assured you will not to dishearted with your look. If it’s a statement piece, pair it up with a high neck dress and no neck jewelry. 

Jhumkas are the way to go for any ethnic outfit. They keep everything a perfect mix of formal and casual. Moreover, there are quite a few designs in jhumkas to explore. Go ahead and add at least one from each design in your stash.