Here are 5 ways to have a safer online experience on TikTok

Since its inception, the internet has impacted our lives, and it’s essential that every citizen, irrespective of age, gender, and ethnicity uses the internet safely and securely. One of the key things to do as part of this is not to leak out your private information.

Content creation platforms such as TikTok, too, are focused on keeping its community safe online. TikTok has achieved this by incorporating several safety guidelines to urge their users to read before posting any content. Through these guidelines, TikTok encourages the community of over 200 million to post responsible content.

In the last year, TikTok has made a greater push to advocate internet safety amongst its users by launching several campaigns, educational drives and even launching an in-app quiz that focuses on online safety. The platform has also launched its Safety Centre in local Indian languages that consist of safety policies, tools, and resources to equip users with product education and protection measures when using TikTok.

As a TikTok user, safety is as much your responsibility as it is that of TikTok to keep your experience secure. When you create a profile, ensure that you have a strong username and password. Avoid passwords like your date of birth and the name of your first dog. Instead, focus on a sequence that has letters, numbers, and symbols, which make your password more secure, thereby making it difficult for someone to hack into your TikTok profile. This is the first step to having a secure profile on TikTok.

Another thing you can do is turn off the ‘download off’ option for your videos. This allows you to restrict anyone else from downloading your video and thus it becomes essential to turn off the download option. You can do this by turning off the ‘Allow Download’ option in the privacy and setting section.

You also have the option of customizing the default TikTok profile that allows you to perform duets. Duets allow you to collaborate with other TikTok users by filming a video alongside another video. If you want to decide who can sing a duet with you, then visit the ‘Privacy and Settings’ section and customize your preference through ‘Who can Duet with Me’ option.

One of the biggest advantages of TikTok is that it gives its users control over how they can operate their accounts safely. As a user, you can decide who can see your videos, send you a direct message, view your profile page, or even react to your video.

Finally, you can even choose who can and who can’t comment on the TikTok video that you have posted. Once you enter the ‘Privacy and Safety’ settings in the app, you can select who can comment on your videos. You have the option of choosing ‘Everyone’, ‘Friends’, or just turn the feature off. You have the option of opting for TikTok’s ‘Comments Filter’ feature that lets you filter the type of comments that won’t display. You have the option of boycotting a maximum of 30 words in Hindi and English.

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