Tips to Take Care of Your Feet This Monsoon

Feet are probably the most neglected part of our body. But that too deserves attention right? Moreover, in this monsoon because of the climate and humidity, feet become smelly and even have tendencies to get fungal infection and allergies. So just like the face, this monsoon lets us pay a bit of extra care towards our feet.

The very first thing is hygiene. Monsoon as much as it is good with its green lust all around also tends to make things a bit nasty with the mud and wet soil all around. Let us see some of the most effective ways in which you can give your feet proper care:

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 Tips to Take Care of Your Feet This Monsoon

If you are the one who has to step out very often, do prefer wearing open shoes. Wear comfortable breathable footwear which will not let water get accumulated inside and thereby reduce the chances of fungal infection to a great extent.

A damp foot is the source of all major problems like smelly or itchy feet or even infections. Make sure your feet are always dry and neat. Do avoid wearing shocks as if your shoes get wet, shocks are the first thing to absorb moisture and thereby transfer it to the feet making it damp. Also, prefer a shoe material that is water-resistant or at least dries out very easily.

Now when you are back home, clear your feet with an antiseptic so as to minimize the chances of infections from damp feet. You can even wash it with some liquid soap which will do the same job.

The most crucial step is to do a pedicure weekly once. Now you must be thinking that weekly visits to saloons are gonna be expensive plus time-consuming right? No, you are mistaken. I am gonna give you simple ways by which you can do a completely inexpensive yet luxurious pedicure at home. Moreover, also I do suggest, in monsoon its best to avoid going to saloons as there are chances to get infections from the equipment they use unless it is properly taken care of. So let us see ways to get that pedicure done at home:

Step 1: Take some warm water and put 4-5 tablespoons of salt and 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil (optional) in the water and keep your feet soaked in it for 3-4 minutes. This will not only help you release stress with the therapeutic feel but also will help take the dirt out of your feet.

Step 2: After that, take a fresh patch of normal water and put 3-4 drops of shampoo in it and also squeeze half a lemon in the water. Keep the foot soaked for good 7-10 minutes. This process will help clean the feet completely with the soapy effect and also the lemon will help get rid of rashes or smell which is there in the feet.

Step 3: Now take a pumice stone or foot scrubber and rub the heels and also toenails. This will remove the rough, dry, and dead skin which has already by now has softened due to soaking of feet in the water. Also, trim your nails in this stage and remove the dirt and nail cuticles which get accumulated in the sided of nails by a cuticle remover. 

Step 4: This stage is optional, but it is better if you also put a mask on the feet after Step 3. Put your favorite ready-made mask or prepare a DIY mask with Multani mitti and rose water. Apply it on your feet, let it dry, and wash it off. This will be followed by moisturization of the feet with some oil-free moisturizer. 

So ya, this finishes your inexpensive home pedicure which is very very crucial during this monsoon wherein there is a high tendency of getting rashes and foot allergies.

Hope these above steps help you to get nice hassle-free feet this monsoon!!

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