Things You Need to Know When Shifting from Chemical to Organic Shampoos

 Things You Need to Know When Shifting from Chemical to Organic Shampoos

Things You Need to Know When Shifting from Chemical to Organic Shampoos

Are you the one who is thinking of shifting to organic shampoos as well as conditioners? Maybe you are seeing too many influencers and bloggers about the pros of organic shampoos, how it helps your hair and things like that. But mind you one thing, no transition is easy, so when it even comes to the transition of shampoos, your hair finds it difficult to adjust to that change, and of course transition from a full bottle of chemical to no or less chemical is a big leap! So let me tell you some of the behind the screen (LOL) truths about this particular transition. On the one hand, organic or less chemical usage is definitely a great thing that you can do for yourself, but yes, like everything, it does have some loopholes. So let’s come to the real world and discuss what all you can possibly go through when making this shift:

Hair Might Feel Dry: 

The organic shampoo with its first usage can give you a very dry hair as an after effect. It’s because the organic ingredients like reetha, shikakai which is generally used in shampoos tend to dry out the hair a bit that other commercial shampoos. In fact, also you might get a feeling that oil isn’t properly removed well from the hair after its usage. So these are some of the hard truths which you might face during your initial days of an organic shampoo usage. Of course, there are plenty of organic shampoos that might not dry your hair and be also effective in removing oil, but keep the other part of the story in mind too!

You Won’t Get that Salon-Like Finish:

That shiny finish which commercial shampoos provide you might not get that from organic shampoos as, the point is the chemicals in the shampoos which are non-organic ones, those impart that shine and smooth finish which the organic shampoos doesn’t provide. This is the transition that might make you lose your hopes.

You Might Get be Tempted Towards Other Shampoos: 

Things You Need to Know When Shifting from Chemical to Organic Shampoos

The above two problems which I told, actually not really a problem, not that transition phase might make you really fed up with the organic shampoo usage and truly tempt you to switch again back to those lucrative commercial shampoos,

You have to be Really Patient: 

For any organic or even DIYs for that matter, the key mantra is “persistency”. Now, when it comes to organic shampoos, the very same thing applies, you have to be really persistent and regular with the organic switch and keep on trying to make your hair love it. Because remember one thing, once your hair r skin gets used to one thing, it definitely takes that transition time for another product, and moreover when it comes to something organic with less or no chemicals, that transition phase might be a little longer than usual.

So yes, these are the things which you might not know before you start that switch and hence thought to let you all know about them. Thus, happy switching!!

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