5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy in Winter

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Hair Healthy in Winter

Winter is that time of the year when we get tons of good and fresh fruits and veggies at ease. Things are fresh, chilly all around with less of that exhausted feeling because of sweat and more of a comfortable sleep. But at the same time, one of the biggest problems we face is hair!! The hair game completely turns out to be a mess. Those locks lose their luster, becomes dry and frizzy, hair fall is tremendous and dandruff seems to be that most unwanted guest ever. Now everything can be prevented and taken care of with some little steps which can help you keep the hair game always on! And of course, internal health is very much related to keeping hair healthy, so here are those few and simple things to do this winter to not let the chilled weather ruin your precious hair health. Let’s check out what you can do, with the least efforts so as to maintain hair health all through:

Internal Health is Important:

Winter is that time when we all tend to consume more junk and oily food as the chances of stomach upsets are less in this season as compared to others.  And let me tell you, junk is the biggest culprit of damaging the gut health which in turn ruins the complete hair health as well as shows effects on the skin. Thus, avoid the junk, switch to healthy alternatives with so many fruits and veggies in option this winter and see the difference!

Protein and Vitamin C Plays a Major Role:

Good protein intake along with iron and Vitamin C is a complete game-changer for overall health which in turn helps maintain hair health. Make the most use of available resources this winter, consume loads of iron-rich foods, protein-rich food, and seasonal fruits which are rich in Vitamin C. To name a few: spinach, orange, egg white, meat, are some of the superfoods which will keep you healthy internally as well as will maintain good hair and give it the required strength thereby reducing hair fall.

Fight the Dandruff:

One of the biggest issues we all face in winter with respect to hair is dandruff which in turn leads to an itchy scalp, resulting in hair breakage and hair fall. So it is always important to treat the root cause. Shampoo less as that strips off natural oil of scalp leading to more tendency of dandruff. Keep the scalp moisturized, use anti-dandruff shampoos. If dandruff is severe, do consult a derma to get the right cure for it. 

Keep the Locks Moisturized:

The strands of hair tend to lose moisture and become ultimately dry in this season. So the most important thing to take care of this season is to keep them moisturized. Oiling is the best treatment for hair this season. Make it a point to oil your hair (root to ends) at least twice a week, and prefer using coconut or olive oil to get the proper nourishment. You can also use hair masks like sour curd and honey or egg white and hibiscus paste to get better health of hair.

Conditioner and Serum is bae:

Even if you were trying to avoid conditioner or serum in other seasons, do not ever do this blunder in winters. Conditioner locks the moisture in hair and helps prevent it from drying out immensely. Serum controls the frizz and keeps them tamed. Thus make conditioner and serum your BFF this season to get soft, smooth, and healthy hair.

Simple, yet effective things at your disposal right? so start these baby steps and have a healthy hair wala winter.

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