Differences Between Body Yogurt, Body Cream, Body Lotion, and Body Butter

Differences Between Body Yogurt, Body Cream, Body Lotion, and Body Butter

Winter is almost here and so is the need for moisturization right? Previously, maybe even 2 to 3 years back, things were pretty simple with just some brands having their cold cream or at max body lotions in the market, and we could have easily picked anyone from them. But now, OMG, there are tons of varieties in the market, Body Yogurt, body lotion, body cream, body butter, and what not!! Which one to get for which skin type or skin concern is so confusing to understand nowadays. 

Worry not, I have come here with clarification of all your doubts, so hang on, read this article and I hope by the end of it I will be able to guide you on which one is the right product for which skin type or concern. Let’s go:

Body Yogurt

Body yogurt is a very recent addition to the skincare series. This is a kind of moisturizer that gets readily absorbed into the skin and has to be preferably applied on damp skin. It is generally not very thick or heavy or greasy and thus is generally ideal for people with normal to combination skin type. Even there are body yogurts that suit oily skin type, so basically it is good for all skin types except extremely dry skin type. It is mostly a vegan product containing vegetable-derived glycerine and almond milk and fruit extracts.

Body Lotion

I don’t think this needs much explanation as this is something which has been there in the market since ever. This is a light semi liquidy cream which is meant for light moisturization of the body. Now there are multiple variants of body lotion in the market for various skin types ranging from dry skin to oily to sensitive skin. So in total, body lotion, the correct variant is meant for everyone. Even there are body lotions with SPF content which are really good for those who get exposed to the sun for long hours.

Body Cream

Like there is a face cream, body cream is similar just with a bit different formulation. This is basically a rich moisturizing formula that is generally meant for dry to normal skin type. Generally, body creams have oil based formulation which makes it rich, thick, and nourishing. But being super moisturizing, this isn’t meant for oily or sensitive skin types.

Body Butter

Body Butter is an intense skin moisturizer made using carrier oils and essential butter. They mostly have avocado or shea butter or similar sort some extra nourishing ingredient. It has a kind of thick consistency and is meant for dry skin. It is extremely moisturizing and thus beneficial for those who suffer from extremely dry and flaky skin issues. They generally have very less water content as compared to the others mentioned above. 

I hope now I am able to clarify the difference between the types and which one is for which specific skin type. Now as far as brands are concerned, body shop, mama earth, mc caffeine, and many more brands are thriving in the market with their amazing range of boy yogurts and body butter. So far as a body lotion or body cream is concerned, Nivea, khadi, vaseline are some of the age-old brands with their amazing range of these products.

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