Five Foods That Can Keep Your Hair Thick And Also Help It Grow From The Scalp

Hair, often referred to as the crowning glory, is the most rapidly growing body tissue. Hence, hair demands essential nutrients for its growth and proper maintenance besides external care. Wellness comes from within. We may try millions of costly and best-suited products on the hair but, if we are eating unhealthy food or depriving the body and hence the hair of its required nourishment, we will never be able to own thick, lustrous, and shiny hair. One has to pay proper attention to the food for hair growth. The simple remedy to the problems related to our hair lies in our diet and lifestyle. If we want thick and good quality hair, we have to initiate a change in our lifestyle.

The current harsh environment plagued with pollution strips the hair of its natural shine. To combat the daily wear and tear or the hefty lifestyle, one needs to follow a comprehensive diet and use ingredients or products which revitalize and rejuvenate the hair and help prevent or reduce hair fall. This article will discuss five such essential food for hair growth. 

What foods can cause rapid hair growth?

Five foods that are famous for providing nourishment to the hair and causing fast hair growth is-


One cannot emphasize enough the importance of eggs in instigating hair growth. While its external application is beneficial to the hair, the egg yolk has biotin, folate, vitamins A & D, which help the hair resist damage. It is considered to be a superfood for hair growth. Also, biotin splits up the protein into amino
acids, which are the building blocks of your hair. 


Consumption of spinach can work wonders for your hair. It is a plant-derived source of iron and has the benefits of folate and Vitamins A and C. It also has a good proportion of Vitamin A. All of these are essential food for hair growth. Vitamin A is also reasonably necessary for the production of sebum which helps to keep the scalp and hair oily.


The antioxidants present in pumpkin help combat premature hair fall effectively and enhance hair growth. It has Vitamin A, C, and E besides having to contain iron and zinc. In addition, the presence of a considerable amount of folate increases blood circulation, thus letting one develop healthier hair.


The presence of Vitamin B5 and probiotics reduce hair thinning and dandruff, respectively. Yogurt is the best ally that ensures good functioning of the digestive system, which in turn leads to thick and dense hair. The external application of yogurt has its benefits too. The lactic acid present in yogurt cools and cleanses the scalp, promoting rapid hair growth.


This effectively helps prevent any imbalance in the production of the hormone dihydrotestosterone, which is the root cause of hair loss. It is a rich source of manganese, omega three, and vitamins. The soy also contains hyaluronic acid, which is a good moisturizer and does wonders to the scalp.


Intake of the food for hair growth mentioned in this article makes your hair appear shiny, subtle, soft, and smooth. Add these foods to your dies at the earliest to attain healthy and thick hair.

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