Hyaluronic acid – All that you need to know!

Acids in skincare have become a common thing now. In that same flow, these days we see so many products claiming they have Hyaluronic acid content in them and promoting the products based on the same. But is it really good for the skin? If yes, what are the real benefits of it? Who can use products with Hyaluronic acid? I am sure you must have been wondering about these, right? Today, in this blog, let me break down your doubts with regard to Hyaluronic acid and give you a clear picture of this ingredient.

What is Hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is basically a type of sugar that is naturally present in the body including the eyes, skin, and joints. The basic purpose of this is to provide moisturization to those areas. With increasing age, the body’s capacity to produce natural Hyaluronic acid decreases, and that’s when comes the need for intake of Hyaluronic acid in the form of moisturizer or serum, or even oral supplements.

Is it really good for the skin?

The straightforward answer is definitely yes! Things that provide moisturization to the skin are something that can be blindly relied on to do good to the skin. Plus this is one such ingredient that our body naturally produces, hence, incorporating the topical application of products with Hyaluronic acid can never do any wrong.

Benefits of Hyaluronic acid?

  • Acts as an anti-aging ingredient by helping keep the skin moisturized
  • Smoothens skin texture – improves skin elasticity and reduces skin roughness
  • Hydrates skin – improves skin quality – tropically if a product containing Hyaluronic acid is used regularly, it is proven to increase skin hydration up to 96%
  • Can help treat mild to moderate eczema
  • Helps treat dry eye - our body naturally also produces Hyaluronic acid near the eyes – thus when applied externally, helps treat dry eye and hence reduces the chance of dark circles

Hyaluronic acid these days comes in the form of lotion, serum, creams, gels, etc – you can pick and choose any of those which you use on a regular basis.

The right age to use Hyaluronic acid?

There is no such generalized age to start using Hyaluronic acid. But then it is observed, that people with dry skin specifically tend to start getting wrinkles at a very early age – to avoid that, Hyaluronic acid can be incorporated into the skincare regime. Further, of course even oily or natural or combination skin people can use it too – and this will keep the skin plump and hence youthful.

Does it have any side effects?

As this is one of those acids which our body naturally produces, it is observed that the side effect of using the same is near zero.

Hence, it is one of those safe things to incorporate into your skincare regime – of course not a mandate, but it will do you good and no harm!

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