Light up your Diwali Season with these Amazing Jutis

 Diwali is the season of lights and happiness, which all Indians love. But another thing that Indians can never stop loving is shopping to look fashionable and dressing up for these festivals. So we all have this sense of excitement as soon as we head towards a festival and start pre-planning our attire for all the times we meet our friends and family. And while we are pre-planning the outfits, why miss the footwear? So here we will have a look at the types of juti that you must get your hands on today so that you have a great collection to wear on Diwali.

Fabric Jutis: One of the most basic and classy pairs of footwear you will find this festive season are the fabric jutis. With the vibrant and colorful fabric, you get in the market; you also get these handcrafted jutis made from those fabrics. We always have had a variety of materials in our culture, and a juti made using these fabrics is just classic. Moreover, you can easily style it with your fusion looks, such as jeans and a kurta, and for men, it can be worn with short kurtas.

Embroidered Jutis: These types of Jutis have different structures and are identified according to their design. Another defining factor for these jutis is the region they are hailed from. These jutis are widespread across India. Some are majorly crafted in Punjab and Rajasthan.

Juti Sandals: These sandals are known to be one of its kinds of footwear. They used to be worn as formal wear but they slowly have transitioned to casual footwear. They are easily worn with any traditional outfits and are a staple for mens footwear collections. Men choose these because these jutis are in a few neutral shades that can blend well with all your traditional attires.

Tanned Juti: The name is derived from the main character of the material used to make these jutis. These are a subtype of juti where they are tanned using the natural vegetable tanning process. These jutis are found in different shades of browns, giving them a unique look. So for your Diwali party look, you can choose them as they go well with any ethnic and trendy outfits.

Khussa Juti: These are best saved for any Diwali functions or weddings as they are a perfect pair for such occasions. Their build is unique, with a curled-up tip that resembles the end of a man’s mustache. These types of juti have a very masculine look and feel to them. And also come with golden zari work so that they can add a shine to your otherwise basic Diwali outfit.

With these five types of jutis added to your footwear collection, nothing can go wrong when planning your Diwali outfits. And they can also come in handy when going out for weddings.

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