How to keep up with New Year's resolutions?

New year resolutions are something which we all are accustomed to – if nothing, it's been that word which we all have heard and grown up right? Now goals like quitting junk food or quitting smoking etc. etc. are something which I’m sure all of us have had as a resolution at some point in life or other, But then do you really stick to it? Hardly! So, this year, why not try some of the ways which, more than making resolutions will help you to stick to them. Now of course those ways need to be realistic so that it is easy to maintain and stuck to. 

Let me now share with you some of those ways in which, whatever your resolution, you can possibly stick to it:

  • Focus on what you like to do than setting up something which you would hate doing and hence gradually losing the flow: 

For example, you are a foodie and then you keep a resolution to go for an extensive diet – trust me, that’s not gonna last for long. Rather you can make a resolution to get a clean diet and a fatless food diet.

  • Get a resolution partner:

For many people, psychologically things work out better when they see the other person doing the same. That is the kind of push you need to keep up with your resolution. For example: in case you want to go for a morning run/walk – find a partner who is passionate about doing the same and tag along. This will help you keep up with the self-promise you made!

  • Focus on feeling good rather than forcibly doing something:

For example: maybe you are trying to reduce weight, think from a direction that how gorgeous you would look in that red skirt when you lose a few kilos – don’t make it feel like a burden. In a nutshell, look at the positive part of the story, and then it would be easier to stick to the same.

  • Practise journaling:

Manifesting things is seen to work out better when you note them down. Thus, may it be the smallest of small things, start to practise journaling – it will definitely help you in two ways: first – make journaling your habit and second – help you stick to the points that you have noted down for yourself.

  • Find out a ‘me time:

Remember, self-love is the biggest love. In the whole process of keeping up with a resolution, it shouldn’t seem like a burden for you. Hence, prioritising me-time is of utmost importance. It helps have a mental balance as well as help you with your resolutions.

  • Practise kindness:

Be kind – that applies in our daily life too. Being kind to self is also a part of life. Rather, kindness starts with the self. Thus, once you start being kind to yourself, you would automatically look at the greener side of the grass and have a positive and holistic approach towards following and keeping up with your resolutions.

Though the points might seem very small and nothing of a big deal, start practising them and you will observe the difference. And once again, remember, start slow – things take time. Most importantly, make realistic resolutions which are capable of being maintained.


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