Valentine’s Week Gifting Idea 2023

With Valentine’s week nearing the corner, I am sure you couples must be running out of ideas as to how to curate gifts and surprise your special ones. While in my earlier post, I have already mentioned some of the gifts that will leave long-lasting impressions on your partner, here in this post, I am going to specially talk and give you ideas for each day of valentines week – the kind of gifts which will bring that glow in your partner’s face:

Day 1: 7th February – Rose-day

Why gift that rose or a bouquet of rose like every time? This time let's do it a bit differently. I’m sure you guys must be planning for a nice meet up right? So why not make it extra special by customizing the dinner venue for your partner? These days most of the restaurants are up for customizing the venue as per your needs – call them up a few days in advance of Rose day and ask them to decorate the venue with red roses along with a candlelight dinner – isn’t that much better than that same boring rose to gift ritual?

Day 2: 8th February – Propose-day

The best to plan for the proposed day is to plan a getaway – maybe somewhere even close by. Plans like going to a hilltop to observe the sunset together or even getting that sunrise view on a beach are the ideal things to do together on this special day. Trust me these quality times that you spend with each other are far better than gifting any materialistic gifts to each other.

Day 3: 9th February – Chocolate-day

There are so many chocolate-making classes that you can join and learn to make chocolates these days, so why not this time make the chocolate on your own and gift that to your special one? And ok, if you are worried about not having time to join class, why worry, there are so many you-tube channels that will teach you the right way to do it. This time, try this adventure, I am sure it's gonna be unique and good.

Day 4: 10th February – Teddy-day

I always believe in the fact that if you are gifting something to someone, it's better to give something which lasts for a long – marks a way of remembrance also. That way, it’s a good idea to gift a teddy-shaped cushion – which will come to use and also keep on reminding your partner of you. 

Day 5: 11th February – Promise-day

What can be better than proving you have kept a promise. If not exactly on the ‘promise-day’, I am sure you must have given some promises to your partner at some point or other. Now, if that promise is well kept, discussing that is the best that you can do. And if you are new lovers, make a promise to each other that you are near to sure that can be kept – and thereafter you can follow the above next year.

Day 6 and Day 7: 12th and 13th February – Hug-day and Kiss-day

What can be better than sealing the deal with a long, warm, and comforting hug and a kiss? And why this specific day, hugs are always a comfort in any and every situation. Furthermore, if physical touch is the love language in your relationship, hugs and kisses are always special to lighten any situation. 

And the last and most special: 14th February – Valentine’s-day

This year, Valentine’s day rightly falls on Tuesday – thus, large scope of taking two days off and making it a long weekend. Once you have left for the day, you are free to plan things for the entire day. Why not for lunch go to some restaurant which is a favorite of you both and spend the evening in watching some celebrity live show. Every cities and towns organize some or other special event on Valentine’s day, the best thing would be to keep a track of that and choose the one which suits both of your interest and spend the evening there.

Isn’t it better that those same boring modes of celebration that you must have been doing every year? I am sure with the correct planning and proper execution, this Valentine’s week would be the best spent week for you both!

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