Scrub In: How to Fashionably Style Your Medical Scrubs

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In work industries where a uniform is required, showing your unique sense of style can be challenging. In the healthcare industry, scrubs and other medical uniforms are necessary for the job so that healthcare workers can do their work optimally. But who says you can't put your own spin on your medical scrubs?

Scrubs are staple uniforms in the healthcare industry. They're practical, functional, and designed to keep healthcare workers safe and hygienic. And with proper styling, you can transform your basic medical scrubs into an on-trend ensemble that looks and feels great. Thankfully, more medical wear designers recognize that healthcare workers also deserve to feel stylish and comfortable on the job.

Whether you're a nurse, doctor, or another healthcare professional, we've got you covered with tips on how to style your medical scrubs fashionably.

Mix and Match Tops and Pants

3-Pocket Scrub Top for Women | Photo: Dr. Woof Apparel

Most scrubs come in matching sets, meaning they are usually in the same color or pattern. Switch things up by mixing and matching scrub tops and pants.

For instance, you can pair your favorite pink scrub tops with gray scrub pants or try a patterned top with solid color pants for some added interest. By doing this fashion trick, you can add a pop of color or pattern to your outfit and create different looks with the same set of scrubs. Talk about fashionable and functionality!

Layer, Layer, Layer

When the colder months roll in, you can pull out your favorite sweater, jacket, or cardigan to layer over your scrubs. This is another excellent way to add your personal style to your work uniform while staying warm and comfortable. Aside from providing comfort and warmth, outerwear clothing allow you to switch up your look from day to day.

A cardigan or blazer can instantly make your outfit look more polished, while a vest can add some dimension to an otherwise plain outfit.

Feel free to express yourself by experimenting with various styles and colors of outerwear to find the perfect combination that suits you.

Accessorizing is the Key

Wearing the right accessories can instantly elevate your scrub outfit from basic to chic. The great thing about accessories is that they can be as subtle (or as bold) as you want them to be to adhere to uniform regulations.

Teeth Stethoscope Charm | Photo: Dr. Woof Apparel

From statement jewelry and stethoscope charms to scarves and scrunchies, you can add a touch of your personality to your healthcare wear while looking presentable and professional. Just remember to avoid wearing accessories that could be a safety hazard in your workplace.

Choose the Right Fit

Just like with any outfit, wearing the right fit can significantly affect how you look and feel. It's the same with your scrubs.

Scrubs come in a range of sizes and fits, so take the time to find the one that flatters your body type. Opting for too-tight or too-loose scrubs can be uncomfortable and unflattering. They can make you look sloppy and less put together. So, it's best to find ones that fit you well and give you the proper mobility to perform your job well.

Personalize Your Scrubs

Blue scrubs with embroidery | Photo: Medelita

How we feel about what we wear directly affects our confidence and moods. That is why adding personal touches to your scrubs is always a good idea. Doing so can make them feel less like a uniform and more like clothing that best represents your unique style and personality while following dress code guidelines.

Consider adding your name or initials embroidered to the pocket or collar. You can also wear a colorful badge reel, name tag, or a fun pin on a solid-colored set of scrubs for a pop of color and an extra touch of individuality.

Shoes Make a Difference

Last but not least, your footwear is essential to completing your medical scrub outfit. With long, unpredictable hours of standing and walking around the hospital or clinic, keeping your feet comfortable throughout the day is crucial. Fortunately, you'll find numerous snug and stylish footwear that you can wear during your shift.

Invest in comfy and fashionable sneakers, boots or clogs that can easily transition from work to leisure. You can also find shoes designed specifically for healthcare professionals, which provide adequate support and protection against the demanding and hazardous environment you work in.

Elevate Your Scrubs with These Styling Tips

Wearing scrubs all day, every day can feel monotonous and dull at times. So, finding different ways to elevate your scrub game can help you feel more confident and stylish, even in a professional medical setting.

You can get as creative as you want in styling medical scrubs without compromising practicality and following uniform guidelines. By following these tips, you can add personality and flair to your scrubs and make them work for you.

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