5 Best Makeup Kits for Flawless Makeup

5 Best Makeup Kits for Flawless Makeup

If you know how to do your makeup properly, then your makeup looks great and flawless. But for your makeup to look flawless and perfect, you need to own the right makeup products that are not only easy to use but also look great. Make sure you own at least one of these basic makeup items in your makeup sets that we are about to mention below because these basic makeup items from your makeup sets are what are going to make your makeup look absolutely amazing and flawless. 

Iba Must Have Makeup Set

This is one of the easiest to use and best makeup kits for beginners. This makeup kit has 6 easy to use products that are more than enough to create easy makeup looks. This set has a foundation cream, a concealer, a lip, and cheek tint that you can use in multiple ways, a compact powder, a long-stay matte lipstick, and a kohl kajal. No matter how many products you own, for a beginner make sure you know what you are doing and you do your skincare well. Always start by cleansing your skin and then moisturizing it with a serum. This will hydrate and prep your skin well and make your makeup look flawless.

Maybelline New York Eye Makeup Kit

If you want to shop for an eye makeup kit for beginners, this one from Maybelline is a great choice! This eye makeup comes with 3 easy-to-use products that will completely change your makeup game. There is sketch eyeliner that has a felt pen-like tip which makes it very easy to use, even for beginners. Next is a mini eyeshadow palette with nude eye shadow shades that are very subtle and classy and can be used to create multiple looks. And, lastly, the mascara which is again very pigmented and easy to use.

Iba Makeup Gift Set

This full makeup set is again a great choice for beginners and comes with 6 easy-to-use products. All these products are crafted to give your makeup a flawless finish and make your makeup look professional. This makeup set contains a primer, a foundation, a compact powder, a kohl kajal, and two variants of lipstick. So, you are all set with your base makeup and you can use the lipsticks in multiple ways. You can use the lipsticks like your blush, eye shadow, and also like color corrector. As for the kajal, you can either use it like a kajal on your waterline or you can smudge it and use it like an eyeshadow. This is one of the most basic makeup kits to add to your collection that meets all your makeup needs.

Lakme Unapologetically Me High Maintenance Combo

This makeup set right here is a full makeup kit for everyone with which you can create multiple looks easily. This makeup combo comes with a primer, liquid eyeliner, mascara, and liquid lipstick. This makeup for beginners is very easy to use and will help you to create multiple looks. You can even use the mascara like your brow setter for a neat and tamed look. You can create different looks with this combo. For example, if you apply a tiny dot of liquid lipstick on your lips and spread it with your finger, you will get a subtle nude lipstick finish. And if you apply the lipstick how you normally would, then you would get a rather bold look. This beginner makeup kit is surely a great addition to your vanity. 

Nykaa Handbag Hero

This is one of the makeup kits for beginners and is a great pick for this summer! This makeup set comes with 3 products – a compact powder, a bullet lipstick that you can use for your lips, blush, and eyeshadow color, and a kajal.

No matter what season it is, or what makeup look you are creating for the day, don’t forget to follow a proper skincare routine. Especially with makeup sets like this one, where you have a compact powder only. Begin with cleansing your face really well and then follow it up with a serum. This will not only prep your skin but it will also hydrate and moisturize your skin. After this, you need to apply your sunscreen so that your skin is well protected throughout the day. Once your skin care is done, you can then apply your lipstick on your cheeks and nose for a sun-kissed blush. Apply your lipstick on your lips and your kajal on your eyes’ waterline for a dramatic yet subtle look.

These beginner makeup kits are really great and easy, to begin with. These products are also great to carry in your purse for touch-ups when you are out and about because these products are simple and easy to carry and use. Make sure you know how to use one product in multiple ways so that your makeup is easy, fuss-free, and looks amazing too!

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